Kickin' it- Not so funny April Fools Day

this is a fan fic for the tv show kickin it. hope u like it.


2. My prank gets a whole lot better (Kim's P.O.V.)

Jack helped me sit up and I leaned on him. I could hear the quickness of his breath, while my head was on his shoulder, which made the adrenaline coursing through  my veins even worse. Trying to calm myself down, I closed my eyes as a tear trickled down my cheek. I think Jack must have seen it, because he started to mutter words of encouragement. What happened next was a complete surprise to me. Something soft press down on my forehead, and I felt like I was going to die, but in a good way. Jack had just kissed me. JACK BREWER JUST KISSED ME!!!!!!! Officially going to die! I moved my head from his shoulder to his chest and I could hear his heart racing. He was sitting cross-legged and I was in his lap. I hear screaming and yelling from outside with a lot of face-slapping, karate kicks and Rudy screaming like a little girl. Trust me. Not something you want to hear.

"Jack?!" called a confused, and very concerned Rudy.

"Rudy!" I could hear Jack's voice, and feel the rumble of his chest. I could hear fast paced foot steps and Rudy came bounding towards us. He knelt down beside Jack's left shoulder.

"Oh gosh. Kim, are you okay?" Rudy asked.

"She just came in the dojo crying and collapsed. Yeah, she's totally fine." Jack said with total sarcasm in his voice.

"We need to get her to the doctors. Help her stand up." Rudy told Jack. You might think that this has gone to far, but I thought of  twelve different solutions to what might happen after I got into the dojo, and this was one of them. Jack was getting a little ancy about what was happening. They got me to sit in a chair and Jack was kneeling beside me, telling me what was going to happen, as if I didn't comprehend already. Anyways, it was adorable. "I'm going to find Doctor McCurry's number and call him. Along with your parents Kim, this is really serious."

Don't sweat. I always fall around my house and bang myself up. Its not gonna be new to my parents. Plus, they're on a cruise to Hawaii and my Aunt is taking care of me. Yes, it's - as Jack puts it "Does not love you.", that Aunt. When I thought that it couldn't get any better, it got worse. Way worse.

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