Kickin' it- Not so funny April Fools Day

this is a fan fic for the tv show kickin it. hope u like it.


4. I feel so stupid (Kim's P.O.V.)

Everyone was allowed to come back into the dojo. They all ran to me. I just wanted to get out of there. I stood up and tried to walk towards the girls washroom, but I was bombarbed with hugs from everyone. I managed to squirm my way out of the cluster of people and make it to the washroom. The only other person who was allowed in was Joan. Sure enough, she walked in.

"So, what did the doc say?" Joan questioned.

"He said..... he said that I wasn't allowed..... to .....  to compete in any tournaments!" I managed to tell her between sniffles and sobs. " And... and he said..... he said that I wasn't allowed to do .... to do karate for.... for the next two weeks!" I started to sob again. Joan got up, openned the door, and walked out. I became quiet to try and hear what was happening.

"So I finished talking with Kim," Joan started.

"And....." Jack said, emphasising that Joan carry on with what she was talking about.

"And she's very devistated and upset." Joan confirmed.

"Why?" Bobby asked.

"She was told by the doctor that she wasn't allowed to do karate for the next couple of weeks." Joan finished.

"Oh man...." Eddie said. "That is upsetting."

"Don't forget devistating." Milton added.

"Yeah, that too." Eddie corrected.

"That sucks. Not doing Karate for two weeks. Man...." Jack told the others. "Kim?" He said as he knocked on the door to the washroom.

"What???" I asked, half screaming with anger and fustration.

"Could you come out?" he asked me.

"NO!" I screamed back.

"Could you come out, please?" Milton tried.

"NO!!!" I screamed again. "I'm NEVER doing karate AGAIN!!!!" I think I was being a little harsh on myself, but after what I did, it was what I thought I needed to bring upon myself.

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