Kickin' it- Not so funny April Fools Day

this is a fan fic for the tv show kickin it. hope u like it.


1. April Fools at the Dojo (Kim's P.O.V.)

As I walked up to the dojo, I stopped to fix my hair. Jack was in there, I could see him through the front window. I had everything planned out. I was gonna trick Jack and the others to think that I was attacked by ninjas on the way to karate practice. It was a flawless plan. Hey, I have an excuse to trick them! It's April Fools today. I can guarentee that they will fall for the prank, hard. I let a little giggle out, and prepped myself. Hair a mess, check. Bag torn a little, check. Clothes torn (sadly I'll only use these again for Halloween), check. Bruises- well a bit, check. Crying hard, check. Huffing and puffing from running, check. Preparing to fumble with the door handle, check. I took a couple of steps back as I prepared to run into the dojo. I got a little adrenaline rush as I fumbled wih the lock, dying to see the look on Jack's face. I banged on the door with my hip to try and get their attention, but at the same time trying to make it look non-chalant. It didn't work, so I tried again and this time it got Eddie's attention. He'll do, I thought to myself.

"Oh my gosh, oh my gosh." I said with panic in my voice. I stumbled and fell onto the mats where Jack, Jerry, Milton and Eddie were training.

"Kim, Kim! KIM!!!" Jack yelled. He knelt down beside me. I felt him sweep my hair out off face. I looked up with a pale, sick looking face full of sweat. I tried to flutter my eyes in a ' I'm about to die, help me please' kinda of way, and I think it worked. So I started to sob.

"Ninjas." I choked back a sob, trying to make everything sound real.

"What do you mean Ninjas?" Milton asked, ruining the perfect moment to stare into Jack's eyes without him suspecting something. Jack started to get up, while Eddie and Jerry tried to pick me up.

"Someone has to find Rudy." HE WAS GONNA LEAVE ME HERE WITH MILTON, JERRY AND EDDIE!!!!!! No way am I letting this happen. Time to take it up a notch. I went limp. Poor Eddie and Jerry couldn't carry my limp body, so they set it down. Someone came up to me and started poking my cheek. I openned my eyes and there was Eddie. The next time I get the chance, I am gonna get him back so badly.

"Jack." I murmured.

"Uhh, dude," Jerry called to Jack. "She's calling you." I could hear fast paced foot steps coming closer to my head.

"Yeah, Kim?" Jack asked with a soft tone. His voice sounded like he was on the virge of tears.

"Ninjas." I repeated and tried to do some type of body shiver. Yeah, that didn't work out, AT ALL. I probably looked liked a dying fish. But it worked for Jerry and Eddie, and Milton too.

"Uhh, we're gonna go find Rudy." Jerry said backing up, with Eddie and Milton behind him, nodding in agreement. With that, they ran out of the dojo, really fast.

"What about 'Ninjas', Kim?" He asked me.

"Ninjas on the way here. They attacked me on the way here." I told him. "Jack, I was attacked by ninjas on the way here." I curled up in a ball on the mat, satisfied with myself.

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