My Spirit Animal

This is for the Alyson Noel comp. My animal is a lynx.


1. Lynx

My spirit animal is a lynx.

It would be a lynx because, I love them, and I am kind of like them in some ways. My name is Lyra and the first two letters of my name is the first to letters of lynx, and they are both four letters, which I think is cool.

I think I am like a lynx because I am not really always really out in the open, let's say, and I am not really super popular, more independent and I just have my small group of friends, like a lynx is usually pretty independent and sometimes hunts with a small group. (Even though I don't hunt. LOL)

My hair is the colour of some of the lynx pitures I have seen, which is another similarity. I have seen a ton of lynx in pictures, and my eyes are the same colour as a lot of theirs. I am pretty sneaky, like a lynx.

I really love the animal, so I was so happy to find out there is a Canadian type of lynx.

So I really am a lot like a lynx, so I would say that would definetly be my spirit animal.



A\N This is all I am going to write. It is 200 words, so I got to finish it in one night, which is really good, because the due date is tommorow. Bye! Thanks for reading!




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