Psycho love

One girls twisted fantasies are about to come to fruition, at the fate of another's life.........

P.s. I wrote this story for the competition, I wouldn't dream of killing anyone, it's just part of the story, I'm not even a fan of Justin beiber, the plot just came into my mind. I don't men to offend anyone


5. Into the gloom

The concert didn't start till seven pm, but birmingham was 30 minutes away on the train, so I set of at 6 to give myself time. My mother was out on a date. I left a note explaining that I had gone to do what was right. I slipped my ticket and VIP pass into my purse and went down stairs. I pulled on my trench coat. I then slid my mothers sharpest kitchen knife into the big pocket of the coat. I picked up my things and walked out of the door.

I arrived at the arena at five to seven. Perfect. I showed my tickets and my Pass to the security teams that guarded every door. And then I was in. I knew from reading every Justin Beiber related blog on the web, that Selena was backstage at most concerts, and that she was here tonight. I saw her straight away. She strutted out of the Green room, and disappeared down a dark corridor. The entire backstage set up was busy and bleak. Tall, black shirted men, with CREW written across the back of them, raced around and shouted orders at everyone standing still. Every now and then, I a girl about my age or younger, being led around by a VIP leiason and her rich looking parents. Theses girls were all imposters. Simple dreamers, unlike me. I had the real thing. I followed Selena down the gloomy passage. She then walked into a room to the side of the hall. I saw it was a dressing room, With the word GOMEZ written across it. I slinked in and closed the door behind me. She was sitting at a dressing table, Singing to herself whilst she did her hair. I recognized it as 'As long as you love me', my true loves own sond. How dare she disgrace his words. A wave of adrenalin rushed through me. She still didn't know I was in the room so I took my chance.I pulled the knife from my trench coat, ran over and plunged the knife into her back. I clamped my hands around her mouth to silence her screams, as she died in my arms. When I knew she was dead, I let out a sigh of relief. I pulled my hand away from her cold lifeless lips and walked from the room, tossing the knife out of an open window as I left. I walked back down the darkened hall, re-appearing into the busy open space back stage. I tagged along behind a small family being led out into the VIP viewing area, to watch the concert. I sat right at the back, un-noticable and untracable, and settled down to enjoy the concert. The task was done. He was mine, as long as he loved me........


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