Psycho love

One girls twisted fantasies are about to come to fruition, at the fate of another's life.........

P.s. I wrote this story for the competition, I wouldn't dream of killing anyone, it's just part of the story, I'm not even a fan of Justin beiber, the plot just came into my mind. I don't men to offend anyone


1. Harmless obsession

I see him everywhere. At home, at school,on the street, even in the deepest corners of my mind. He is my one and only. He is mine.

It started as I mild, yet justifiable crush. Posters of his face, pasted on my wall, scrupulously cut out of magazines. That's what everyone was doing. I just wanted to be one of the girls. But then I listened to his music and, it felt .. Like he was singing to me. Singing of his passion for his long lost love. The girl he longed for. The girl he wanted. Me.
Slowly I saw the English rose wallpaper of my room, disappear from sight. Slowly getting over shadowed my numerous pictures and memorabilia of his life. No longer just posters, but concert tickets, newspaper articles and even photos from his childhood, littered my walls. My friends drifted away from me, my teachers had hushed chats in the corners of rooms about their favourite topic, me. You know that feeling, when you walk into a room and everything goes quiet, like they were just talking about you. I began to feel that every time I entered a room. Even my mother became distant. It seemed that she never new what to say to me, like she wanted to speak, but couldn't. But it didn't matter, because I had him. I had Justin.

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