Psycho love

One girls twisted fantasies are about to come to fruition, at the fate of another's life.........

P.s. I wrote this story for the competition, I wouldn't dream of killing anyone, it's just part of the story, I'm not even a fan of Justin beiber, the plot just came into my mind. I don't men to offend anyone


4. faking my way

My mom didn't notice a thing when she got home. Not even a word spoken about the fact that my radio was missing. But she doesn't come into my room very often anymore. I don't know why......

I have an idea. A plan to get get my soul mate back from the arms of that witch, for good. Tomorrow I will put my plan into action.

I woke up early, whilst mom was still asleep. I sneake into her room, picked up her purse and pulled out her visa card. I sneaked back into my room and opened my laptop. My hands were shaking with a mixture of fear and geniune pride . It was the first step in my dream, but I would be there soon. I opened up his official site, and clicked on the concert box office. I had  researched all of this before, so I knew without even looking at the screen, that the tickets were horribly expensive. But I was sure my mom wouldn't mind, it was all for a good cause. I entered the details, and the pin code.I new this was all illegall, but i was doing it for love so it didn't matter. My hand hovered over the mouse. I was having an inner battle between my heart and my mind. But eventually my heart won me over. I pressed purchase. And it was done. I was going tomorrow night.


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