Psycho love

One girls twisted fantasies are about to come to fruition, at the fate of another's life.........

P.s. I wrote this story for the competition, I wouldn't dream of killing anyone, it's just part of the story, I'm not even a fan of Justin beiber, the plot just came into my mind. I don't men to offend anyone


2. Confiding in paper

I found myself confiding in him. I would talk to that face on the wall for hours, about everything that happened. I could talk to him, like I could talk to know one else. I told him about everything I felt about him, and as I watched him, it was like I could hear him talking back. He would say if he was there, then I would never feel alone because his love would be with me always. My mom must have heard my daily conversations with my soul mate, through the wall. She confronted me once. It was pathetic. She Mumbled mindlessly about how I was feeling about my parents divorce and how she thought I should see a specialist about my loneliness. It was so irritating that eventually I told her that I wasn't lonely because I had an especially close friend who cared about me more than anything. Then I turned around and walked back into my room. I heard her crying later that night. I felt sorry for my mother sometimes. She had know one to love her.
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