Cassidy never thought that she would see her best buddy ever after moving. But what she thought was wrong.


3. Partners

Mr. Murphy was writing on the board something about a group project, but I didn't listen because I was too busy thinking about how could Niall forget me!?

Mr. Murphy walked around the class passing out a sheet about the project. "For this group project, you will be working with the person beside you." I turned around and looked at Niall as he turned around and looked at me.

"Hey partner" Niall said in a cowboy accent. I had to laugh! Niall and I read the sheet.

Our project was to make an accurate 3D model of the Earth. "Can I come over after school maybe?" Niall asked.

Yes! Today after school was the chance I get to show him our childhood pictures. "Sure. You can walk with me to my house after school." He nodded and went back to eating.

The the bell rang and we were dismissed. I looked over to Niall who was looking at his schedule. I tapped on his shoulder and asked, "Do you need help with your classes, Niall?" He nodded and said, "Thanks". He gave me his schedule as we headed out the door. His next class was Algebra, like me!

"This way," I said as I grabbed Niall's hand and led him the way to Mrs. Minor's class. We went inside the class together. "You have this class too?" Niall asked. I nodded. I took another look at his schedule. "Wait! You have all your classes with me except writing and art!" He looked at me and said "Awesome!".

I walked him to the teacher, "Mrs. Minor, we have a new student." She looked up from her paper and she said, "Oh, are you helping him around the school?" I nodded and she said, "He can sit by you then."

I smiled and led him to my desk in the back of the room, I pointed to a seat by mines and Niall set his bag down and sat down. I sat down beside him. Mrs. Minor walked up to the room and said, "Class, settle down, and take out your homework from last night." I took out my homework and set it on my desk.

"Okay class, we are going to go over the answers for this worksheet. For those of you who don't have your home with you,  look at your partner's homework." the teacher said.

I pushed my paper between us and Niall looked at it.

After going over 7 problems, Niall fell asleep. I shook him awake and he looked at me and said "Algebra is soooo boring, Cassidy!" I whispered to him, "Yeah, I know!"

A few minutes later, we finished going over the homework and we were all given a warm up.

I finished my warm up in 4 minutes and I looked over to Niall. He was only on the second problem and he was cocking his eyebrows and scratching his head. I decided to help him.

When the class was done with the warm up the teacher picked it up and gave us a lesson on 4.3.


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