Cassidy never thought that she would see her best buddy ever after moving. But what she thought was wrong.


2. Is that him?

5 years later

I slowly opened my eyes. I shuffled my way to the bathroom and got ready for school, after brushing my teeth. I got out my comb and slowly combed through my long dirty blonde waves. I put on a pair of gray skinny jeans, a white tee along with black Tom's. I slipped on my pink hoodie and picked up my bag and phone and walked to my car.

On the way to school, I stopped by a bakery and bought a bagel.

As I found a parking space at school, I went on to 1st period.

When I got to 2nd period geography. I noticed this blonde boy in my seat. I never seen him before so I'm guessing he's new. I walked up to him "Um, excuse me, this is my seat." He looked up at me with his blue eyes. His eyes look so familiar.

"You can sit right here!" He patted the seat beside him. I sat down.

As Mr. Murphy started the lecture. The boy next to me started getting some food out of his hoodie pocket and he quietly munched on it. That reminded me of my bagel! I ripped a piece of my bagel hidden in my hoodie pocket and ate on it too.

The boy looked at me and said "You're hungry too?" He said and chuckled.

I smiled and said "Yeah".

Emma, behind the new kid asked him "Hey Niall, can I borrow a pencil?" Niall? Niall?! NIALL!? As 'Niall' gave Emma a pencil and went back to eating quietly.

I asked Niall, "What's your last name?"

"Horan" he replied.

"I'm Cassidy," I told him hoping that he remembered me from 6th grade. We were best friends, I hope he didn't forget me. But I was wondering why is his hair blonde instead of brown. He probably dyed it.

"Cool name" was all he said...


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