Cassidy never thought that she would see her best buddy ever after moving. But what she thought was wrong.


1. Best Buddies

"Tag!" I ran away as I tagged him. He jumped on my back and we fell down.

"Tag!" Niall shouted in my face. He got up and ran away. I ran after him.

As I passed a bucket of water balloons, I quickly grabbed 2 balloons without Niall noticing. I ran behind a tree. I peeked out for Niall behind on the branches. Where was he?

I sneaked towards the hose. I was about to turn it on until I felt something floppy hit my back. I turned around. NIALL! He threw a water balloon at me but it didn't pop! I laughed and fell on the ground.

I got up and I ran after him and aimed my my water balloon at his back. He fell down onto the grass and laughed. I ran over to him and squished my second water balloon over him and the water splashed all over his face. He pulled me down and tickled me. We laid there in the grass to dry off in the sun.

"I'm hungry," Niall says.

"Let's make sandwiches," I suggested. Before I knew it, Niall was already at the door. I ran to the door with him and accidentally pushed him and he fell onto the carpet. We raced to the bathroom to change into dry clothes. I helped him dry his brown hair.

We walked to the kitchen and we saw some toast on the counter. We decided to munch on that. 

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