Just perfect. (One Direction fanfiction, NOT A LOVE STORY)

Summer could care less about One Direction. Her friends Janie and Tawni though, are in L-O-V-E. Being dragged to a concert is the worst, especially if you don't know anything about the songs, let alone the singers.
Life is like a song, you just gotta dance to the right tune. If the music stops, nobody keeps dancing, except for Summer.


1. The first notice, at the last minute.



"OMGOMGOMGOMG!!!! Guess what?!?!?"

"What?!?" I was maybe as excited as Tawni. Or at least, I thought so. 

"Dad got me an extra ticket for the One Direction concert and you're coming!!!!!" Nope. Not half as excited. 


"I already asked your Sister! She said yes!!!!" Tawni bounced up and down in excitement. 

"When is it?" I wasn't excited. One Direction was just a band of British boys. So what?

"TOMORROW!!!!" she screamed. 

I slammed my locker and put my finger to my lips. 

"Pack your bags. We leave for Rehobeth tomorrow!!"

"What about school?!"

But she was in her own daydream. 

"Soon I'll be Mrs. Malik!" 

She waltzed off in her own little world. 


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