Just perfect. (One Direction fanfiction, NOT A LOVE STORY)

Summer could care less about One Direction. Her friends Janie and Tawni though, are in L-O-V-E. Being dragged to a concert is the worst, especially if you don't know anything about the songs, let alone the singers.
Life is like a song, you just gotta dance to the right tune. If the music stops, nobody keeps dancing, except for Summer.


3. My messed up self



I must have fallen asleep on the highway, because when I woke up, I was lying down in a really nice bed in a hotel room. Janie was curling her hair in the bathroom, Stevey was listening to her iPod, and Tawni was comparing outfits. Stevey was the first to notice my awakening. 

"God, sleeping beauty. We were wondering when you'd wake up."

Tawni instantly rushed to my side. 

"Sum, what do you think? Coral or turquoise? And what shoes should I wear?"

I waved her off tiredly. "Either. You'll look fine."

Her face turned a shade of pink. 

"Summer Reed Pharess! Help me!" she whined. 

I wiped my face with my hand. "Fine. I think the coral. Blue makes your hair," I made my hands go flying off my head. Stevey laughed. 

"Nice moves, Sum."

I smiled and hugged my pillow. "What time is it?" I turned over to look at the clock. 

I almost screamed. "HOW COME IT'S EIGHT O'CLOCK AND NO ONE TURNED ON SPONGEBOB?!?" I grabbed the remote and changed the channel to Nickelodeon. 

It was in the middle of the 'Skill Crane' episode. One of the old ones. 

"Shit gurl. That obsession is gonna kill someone someday." Janie's voice echoed in the bathroom. 

I watched the episode, and Stevey glanced up from her iPod every once in a while. Janie came out later and started unpacking. 

"Hey guys." Stevey sat up and took her headphones out. "Let's go see a movie."

"Yea! Let's go see Paranormal Activity 4!" Janie squealed. Sometimes I wondered if four brothers made her like this. Girlie one second, a football player the next. 

"No, let's go see the James Bond one!" I suggested. Ok, so living with a brother did mess you up. 


"No! Let's see..."

"GUYS!!!" Tawni screamed. "I'm trying to concentrate!!!" she returned to staring at her shirts with jeans laying under them. 

It was a long morning. 

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