#1 FanFictions!

Cute Little FanFictions About You And Your Celebrity Crush/Loved One!
Thanks #NoH8


1. #1 Jaymi Hensley Imagine For Meeeee!


You are walking to Jaymi's house with you and your best friend and her boyfriend Harry! (Yes Harry Styles) you are stopped in the middle of the street by a mysterious figure. He say: "If you don't say anything, it won't be so bad." You immediately react! You scream with your best friend for help! "HELP" you cry! Soon enough, the 'Phwoarsome Foursome' Union J come out of the house like ninjas! Laughing! You cry again "HELP" You see your big brother JJ and give him a questioning look. He says "okay let her go now James!" They all laugh. You scowl, "JAMES ARTHUR?!?!?" You scream at them! "YOU ALMOST GAVE ME A HEART ATTACK!" You are NOT happy! "Calm down Millie!" Josh says. You try to, and succeed! Jaymi comes towards you and pecks you on the cheek. "Let's go inside" he says. You immediately agree and start walking toward the house. You feel a warm arm stretch over your back, it's Jaymi's. you smile at him and carry on walking to the house...

******AUTHORS NOTACE******
As you can see this was my first fanfic! Of you want a fanfic, just ask! I can do chapters but the maximum chapters is three! Thanks xxxxxx -Milliehensley22
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