Why can't I date him

Jessica styles just saw her brother for the first time in 12 years. But when her and Niall fall in love, Harry wants to stop it will their relation ship. Then the break up doesnt end well.


3. The Heart Wants What The Heart Wants

At One Direction's house.... They all go inside, yelling. "Good show tonight!" " Did you see how the fans were screaming and how they were just jumping out of their seat? We did a great show guys....." Liam said with a big smile on his face. Yeah!!! Well I'm goint to go call Brennz. So, try not to bug me." Louis walks off to his room. Niall turns to Jessica."Brenna is Louis's girlfriend. She's a really nice person. I hope you two will get along once you meet her." Jessica nods, smiling. "I'm looking forward to meeting her." She giggles at Niall.Harry turns aroung to see them and sees Niall still holding Jessica's hand. "Niall, you can let go....." Jessica rolls her eyes and lets go of Niall hand. "So are you going to connect me with mom?" "What time is it?" "12:07" "Too late now, baby sis. We should go to bed now. We have to go to the studio tomorrow." "We?" "Oh, C'mon. You're a Styles. I'm sure yu have a good coice like your brother's. Maybe you can be the new member of One Direction." Liam says. " Plus, I'm not leaving you home alone." Harry Says to her. Jessica chuckles. "Okay, but.... where am I sleeping?" "You can sleep with me." Niall winks at her. "In your dreams Horan. You can sleep in my room.I'll sleep on the couch." He says. "Okay, but can you make me chocolate milk? Like how you used to when I was little?" She walks upstairs and goes into Harry's room. Niall follows Harry into the kitchen. "Dude! Your sister is flipping hot!" Harry is making Jessica some chocolate milk. "Niall, she's my little sister. Don't say that in front of me unless you want me to kick you butt......" "It's just a compliment. Jeez, I'm going to bed . Later, curly." He messes up his hair and walks off. "Stay away from her room! Well, my room. I mean it Niall! I'm not playing!" Niall goes inside his room not paying attention. Jessica is turned away from him, changing into her PJ's and turns around, seeing Niall, shrieking. Niall is covering his eyes but still peaking through the opening. "I didn't see anything, I swear!" "I thought this was Harry's room....." Niall Chuckles. "No honey, this is my room. Harry's room is across the hall." He points to Harry's room. "Ohh! Opps. Well, night Niall." She starts walking off. Niall grabs her waist, pulling her to him. "It can't be called a night if I can't spend it with you." Jessica blushes and giggles. "Someone might see us...." Harry walks upstairs and sees them. "Niall, did you not hear what I just said? Jessica go to bed." Jessica looks down and nods taking the chocolate milk with her and walks to her room. "We were just messing around...." Niall said. "It doesn't matter if you were messing around or being serious. She's my little sister and if you break her heart..... I will break your face." He said looking really serious.

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