Why can't I date him

Jessica styles just saw her brother for the first time in 12 years. But when her and Niall fall in love, Harry wants to stop it will their relation ship. Then the break up doesnt end well.


4. Recording Studio Drama

At the studio.... The boys are singing 'more than this'.Jessica is sitting outside the recording booth, and has the head phones on her ears and is messing with the boys voices which makes their voice high pitched. Harry hears his voice get chipmunked and takes off his headphones. "Jessica, knock it off." "Awww, you guys sound like Alvin, Theodore, and Simon." She starts laughing. " I'm serious, Jessica, stop." "I'm sorry. Let me fix it." She makes their voices go back to normal. Brenna walks inside the studio. "Louis, babe?" Louis takes off his headphones and walks out out of the recording booth. "What's up?" "Nothing, I just wanted to come to see what you're working on." She pecks his lips and sees Jessica staring. "Who's she?" "That's Jessica, Harry's sister...." Brenna turns to Harry. "You never told me you had a sister?" She turns to Jessica. "Hi I'm Brenna!" Jessica was shy. "Jessica...." "Oh my god, I didn't know you sister, Harry! How come I never heard of her?" " Cause, I never likes talking about her because of what happened back in the past. And if I didn't talk about her, I'd miss her more...." He looked really sad. "Well, she's really pretty." "Thanks you..." Jessica starts to blush. Niall walks out of the studio with the rest. " So where are we going after this?" " We'll all probably go out and eat somewhere when we all get hungry." Harry said. "Well, me and Brenna are going back to the house to study..." Zayn stiffened a laughter. "Study..." "We are! Jeez, we're not going to do anything bad..... dirty minded people." "Right, right...." Zayn started to laugh. "Let's go." Louis and Brenna leave. Jessica stars humming and then singing. "If I was your boyfriend I'd never let you go. Kepp you in my arm , girl. You'd never be alone...." Niall sings alone. "I can be a gentle man anything you want. If I was your boyfriends, I'd never let you go." He holds Jessica's hand smiling. Jessica giggles. "You like Bieber,too?" Mhmm." Harry looks over and sees Niall poking Jessica and gets slightly mad. "Quit touching her bro....." Niall rolls his eyes and walks out. Liam hits Harry's shoulder, turing to him. "Harry, quit being such a butt head. You're no fun." "Thank you, Liam. " Jessica hugs him. "I'm just protecting her...." "No, you're over protecting me and its annoying. I love you, Harry, I really do but if you keep stopping me from what I want to do, I don't wanna call you my brother anymore."

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