Why can't I date him

Jessica styles just saw her brother for the first time in 12 years. But when her and Niall fall in love, Harry wants to stop it will their relation ship. Then the break up doesnt end well.


2. Back Together Once Again

Harry was shocked. "Oh my god! Jessi!" Jessica runs over to him and hugs him tightly. "Oh my god. I missed you so much." She starts to cry. Harry hugs her back, even tighter. "I missed you so much more." He gently kisses Jessica's forehead. "Awwwww!!" The crowd smiles at Harry and Jessica's moment. Jessica pulls away from the hug and hugs the rest of the band. "Nice to meet you......" Harry picks up the microphone, talking to the crowd. "Sorry for the inturruption. But, this is my little sister. Her name is Jessica. And we haven't seen each other for years so, it's a blessing just to have her back with me."

After the concert.........  "Louis walks over carrying a plate of cookies. "You want one? They're chocolate chip......." Jessica takes a cookie smiling. "Thanks ...... ummm?" " Louis. But since you're a Styles..... you can call me Louie 'cause your brother calls me that." Jessica smiles. " Haha, okay...." Niall walks inside, his hair wet and shakes it. "Hey, are we ready to go home now?" Jessica smiles at Niall, blushing. "Do you always wet your hair after a concert? Never made any sense to me...." Zayn starts to eat a cookie. "I want to look nice for my fans." Niall sees Jessica and does the "sup" head nod. Jessica mouths "Hi...." She turns to Harry. "Harry where's mom? I haven't seen her...... can I see her?" "Uh Jessi..... mom's in rehab. She hasn't been the same since dad took you. But, once we get home, I'll see if I can connect her on webchat." "Oh okay." She says, but then she looks down.

At night......... The boys start getting mobbed by fans, signing autographs, taking pictures, and following security. Harry is holding Jessica's hand. "Get used to this....." Jessica is walking looking down and covering her face from camera's flashing and paparazzi. The paparazzi are shouting, taking pictures. "Harry , is this your sister? What's her name? What happened?" "Her name's Jessica......." Harry is still walking and then takes a picture with Zayn. A fan comes up to Harry. "Can I take a picture with you?" "Sure......" Goes over and takes the picture. Jessica watches Harry leave and sighs ignoring the paparazzi but still walks. A Camera person drops his camera on her, hitting her in the head. "Owww." Niall comes up the guy. "Are you serious? You just hit my best friend's baby sister . What's your problem man?" "Sorry it was an accident." Niall rolls his eyes. " Don't you ever do that again." He turns to Jessica. " Are you okay?" " Yeah I'm okay." Niall sees the boys, gets into the black land rover, waving at the crowd and grabs Jessica's hand, walking towards the car. Jessica starts getting butterflies in her stomach whenever Niall grabed her hand and smiles to herself.

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