I love you?

What happens when Harry falls in love with Simon’s neice, Aurora, who is acting cold towards everyone apart from Simon. After an incident she gets amnesia and Harry fakes that he’s her boyfriend determined to make her fell head-over-heels for him much to displeasure of the other members of One Direction, who took a liking to Aurora. All of this happens behind Simon’s back who thinks he’s just helping her get back her memory back.


1. Thoughts and Mind readers

Aurora’s P.O.V

I arrived at the airport in London, my trip here from Greece wasn’t very long but I’m still tired as hell. I walked outside scanning the crowd to see if I could see my uncle’s face but I found nothing.

Maybe I should tell you more about me and what I’m doing in London before I can continue any further. My mom remarried and her lovely husband (notice the sarcasm?) thought it was a good idea to send me away to my uncle to continue my “studies” in the fashion industries. Sure, like hell I was going to believe them! The only reason they’re sending me away is to get me out of their sight.

My step-father and I are not best friend but we aren't nemesis either. It’s just that he thinks I’m a lot of trouble and doesn't like me and I think he’s a manipulating-two-faced jerk and I do return his feelings (that’s for sure). My mom knows he doesn't like me but ever since my dad died and this horrible man entered her life, she follows everything he tells her! She is like a  dog and he's her owner.

Anyways I was sitting on my suitcase thinking about my awful step-father and I guess I kind of looked mad because a little kid was staring at me with a scared expression. I quickly smiled at him and waved and he smiled back, right before I felt a small tap on my shoulder and I turned to see a man in his early thirties standing behind me with a stupid grin.

“Miss Aurora Olympia?” he asked me in a thick British accent. He was in one of those rich driver suits that I’ve seen on TV but who knows he could be a serial killer or something. Stranger danger.
“Maybe,” I replied coldly.
“Oh well I see. Maybe if you see an Aurora around tell her, her uncle Simon is waiting for her,” he said and with that he left.
“Hold up!” I screamed after him.

He stooped and turned around, his smile never leaving his face.

“I’m Aurora Olympia and you are?’ I asked extending my right arm.
“So I was right? I’m Carle, your uncle’s driver, and I was requested by him to come pick you up because he had to an important job outside London but he did send some of his close friends of his to keep you company,” he said taking my arm and leading me somewhere.
“Hold up,” I said and we stopped, “1. Stop talking so formally. 2. What is this important job? And 3. Who are his close friend?”
“You’ll find out soon enough. And no I’m not some serial killer,” he said before stooping in front of a black car and opening the door and hurrying me in but I stopped dead in my tracks…

Hold up! How did he know I was thinking of that? Is he some kind of magician that reads people mind or something? He laughed and said: “Maybe I am”. And then he pushed a very confused me into the car and went I think the put my luggage in the trunk.

I stared at the close door wondering if I dreamed of it or it actually happened.

“Do you think she’s frozen,” one with a thick…..Irish? accent asked.
After that there was a slapping sound.
“Owww,” the same voice said, “What was that for?”

I slowly turned around to face five boys who were looking at the blond one rubbing his head. They strangely look familiar.

“Hey look she unfroze,” the blond one exclaimed. They all look turned to look at me...more like stare.
“Shut up Nial,” the one who had hit “Nial” said before everyone looked at me.

Oh now i remember, they're the dudes on my friends wall. What were their names again? One Dimension? One Division? Then it hit me…
“ONE DIRECTION DUHH!” I exclaimed louder than intended.




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