I love you?

What happens when Harry falls in love with Simon’s neice, Aurora, who is acting cold towards everyone apart from Simon. After an incident she gets amnesia and Harry fakes that he’s her boyfriend determined to make her fell head-over-heels for him much to displeasure of the other members of One Direction, who took a liking to Aurora. All of this happens behind Simon’s back who thinks he’s just helping her get back her memory back.


2. Thoughts and Mind readers Part two

Harry’s P.O.V

We were sitting in the car waiting for Carle to get Simon’s niece, Aurora. We could have gone ourselves but we didn’t want our fans to see us and make a fuss at the airport cause trust me it happened before. I wonder what she looks like though, Simon didn’t give us a picture of her or any other info other than her name’s Aurora and she’s 18 years old.

I was getting bored since Louis was texting Eleanor, Liam was checking his phone (probably twitter), and Nial was trying to cheer up Zayn who was depressed since his fight with Perry. Poor Nial, the only thing he was getting out of Zayn were slaps behind his head. We know he’s not trying to hurt him but Zayn doesn’t talk much when he got problems. Well, as long as he’s not damaging Nial’s head by taking his anger out on him, we’ll let him do.

I looked outside the window to see Carle holding a girl by the hand, then they stopped and talked more. She had a shocked expression on her face. I looked at her face and man she was beautiful. She had brown curly hair that was medium size and rosy lips. She had no makeup, I honestly like  natural girls than girls who put ton of make-up. Her eyes….those eyes….they were so strange but yet mesmerizing. They were green but not dark green… it was so light that it looked almost yellow.

I saw Carle laugh but she said or did nothing, this happens often with Carle. It’s like he can read your mind and laugh at your silly thoughts that you have about him. One time, I was thinking about the perfect for my mom’s birthday and I was thinking about the sending her new iPhone 5 but then he smiled and said: “I bet your mom will prefer some nice flowers and your presence instead of some phone” and guess what? He got that right, my mom was thrilled to see me.

Carle opened the door and pushed her in but she was facing the door so we couldn’t see her face.

“Do you think she’s frozen?” Nial asked only getting a slap from Zayn. That caused us to look at the poor Nial, who was rubbing his head.
“Owww,” Nial blubbered, “What was that for?”

After a few seconds, he looked up and exclaimed:

““Hey look she unfroze,”  like a 10 year old boy.

“Shut up Nial,” Zayn said calmly (he was half mad- half annoyed). Everybody looked at her and upon seeing our faces she seemed like she was in deep thought.

Then she looked like she had found the answer because her face lit up before she screamed:

“ONE DIRECTION DUHH!”                          

I wonder if she was a fan. I also wonder if she meant to scream or it was just a mistake either ways I smiled at her like the rest of the boys and thanked God that the door was closed and nobody heard her.


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