Making Mistakes

“Audrey?” His eyes were locked on Jaxon.

“This is Jaxon.” I took a breath before saying what I hoped I never would have to say. “This is our son.”

“Our son?” His voice broke slightly as he watched me try to sooth the crying little boy in my arms.


1. Chapter One

“Mommy!” Little arms wrapped around my legs as my curly haired, little, dirty blonde boy. His bright green eyes twinkling up at me. Smiling I crouched down and picked up the little one then tickled him, enjoying his giggling. He squirmed around while laughing so I set him down and then chased after him.

“I’m gunna get you!” I laughed as I chased after him. After chasing him a little ways I picked him up and placed him down on the bed and started tickling him. Hearing his laughter made me so happy, being a mother was something I wouldn’t give up for anything.

“Did the tickle monster get you again Jaxy?” Annabelle laughed from the bedroom doorway.

“I am mommy the tickle monster!” I said as I tickled him again. Sighing with a smile I sat on the bed beside Jaxon.

“Tickle! Tickle!” Jaxon wiggled his fingers on my side and I laughed like I was being tickled.

“Oh, Jaxon! You’re tickling me!” I laughed as I sent a grin towards Annabelle.

“Hey, Jaxon you wanna show me your new movie while mommy goes to get us some yummy food?” Annabelle asked Jaxon. He nodded and jumped off the bed.

“Bye-bye mommy.” Jaxon hugged me before grabbing Annabelle’s hand and leading her out of the room. Once they left I took a shower then got ready to go.

“I love you baby.” I hugged then kissed Jaxon on the top of the head before letting him go back to playing with his toy dinosaur. “I should be back in a couple hours. You got my number if you need me.” I told Annabelle as I grabbed my purse and jacket and heading out the door with one last look at my curly, blonde haired little boy.


I pushed the cart around as I located the groceries on my list. As I was looking at the different types of meat that I would need for the next few weeks when I heard loud male laughter coming from a few aisles behind me but didn’t pay any attention until I heard a voice that made me freeze.

“This would be perfect for that-” I didn’t hear anymore as old memories resurfaced. I had that maybe I could push the memories back and maybe that I could move on. Even with Jaxon being a constant reminder I thought that it was possible. I breathed in a shaky breath as I quickly grabbed the meat I needed and placed it into the cart. I quickly turned around and ran straight into someone and lost my balance.

“Sorry, love. Are you- Audrey?” I looked up into the green eyes that had once swept me off my  feet and I felt myself start to get lost in them. Not again. Not now.

“Harold? Mind introducing us?” A male voice said from nearby, snapping me out of daze. Pulling quickly away, I tripped over my feet, but luckily I didn’t fall. Thanks to the help of one of his friends.

“I’m Audrey Ellis.” I introduced myself as I held out my hand to shake theirs.

“Niall Horan.” the bleach blonde with him introduced himself as he shook my hand. I picked up on the Irish accent immediately.

“Louis Tomlinson.” I shook the bright eyed, brown haired boy’s hand. He was the one who asked Harry to introduce me. After a few silent minutes he spoke once again, “So how do you two know each other?”

“We,” his voice still made shivers run down my spine. "Met a little less than two years ago."

"We dated. Briefly." I told them with a tight smile. The memories of that time together was bittersweet and I cherished them.

"Oh," The one named Niall said. A look of understanding settled on Louis and Niall's face. Makes me wonder if perhaps this type of meeting happens often.

"Well it was nice meeting you two," I sent them a smile which they returned before facing Harry. "And then seeing you Harry, but I have to finish shopping and head home. Now if you'll excuse me."

"Wait! Let me get your number or address or something. So we can meet up for coffee or something. Please?" He asked, a hint of urgency in his tone. I wanted to refuse, I wanted to so bad. But I never was good at refusing his charm so I quickly scribbled out my number and handed it to him. "Thank you. But can I get your address too?" I opened my mouth to refuse, knowing it would be a bad idea. "Please?" the look in his eyes must have hypnotized me or something as I also wrote down my address. "The same as before." I faintly heard him mumble.

"Bye." I hurried away before I could get sucked into doing anything else that I know I will regret later on. I quickly finished my shopping and headed home the sound of his voice echoed through my mind, as if on replay. And when I looked into our little boy's eyes, I saw his father's looking right back at me.

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