Welcome To The Castle

Knights are brave. Damsels are in distresss. This is your normal kingdom.

Well, in most fairy storys. Truth is, as long as they get the money and the fame Knights are up to scratch. Ask them to fight a dragon though, a sheep would have better chances.
Damsels in distress? Yeah, right. Sitting in a tower for ten years is a major YAWN.
So sit back, relax, and meet some of your old fairy tale characters, brand new ones, and characters who have just burned the fairy tale guidebook.


1. A Short Prologe

The reason I'm going to have to cut this short, is because I have a leprachaun, dwarf, gnome and a midget fairy behind me. They've given me a short explaination, with magical demonstration what will happen if I don't cut to the chase. Basically, people have misunderstood what fairy tale living is REALLY like. Valliant knights? Try somewhere else. Fainting damsels in distress? You clearly haven't seen real fairy tale girls. We left the soppy ones who said, "Oh my!" in another universe. I don't like the look that gnome is giving me. That leprechaun isn't exactly helping. Ow! That dwarf poked me in the back! I wish there someone who I could complain to. I don't really want to tell them to write this, as in the gnome case, it'll go something like: Arrrrrrrrrrrhellogrrrrrrrrgivemeyourmoneyyyyyyyy.

Ok! Focus. Umm. Eek. The dwarf has taken out his sword. Uhhhhh-ow! Just a minute while I confer with the dwarf. Oh come on seriously? That was all I had to say. Well, "apparently" all I had to say was.............(drum roll)........

Welcome To The Castle!

p.s. Weird little fairytale creatures have kidnapped me. HELP!

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