two little beggers

katie and patrick lived in a house in meath but got abused by their dad thier mam died when they were 5 of lung cancer . katie and patrick run away with their guitars and busk on o'connly street in dublin.what happens when a famous boyband come sight. seeing read and find out



Katie's P.O.V

After we got home me and Patrick were watching spongebob in the living room of the flat. ''No wonder your called Patrick your as dumb as a starfish'' I said to Patrick as he stuffed his face with popcorn.''NIALLLLLLLLLLLL KATIE SAID SOMETHING MEAN TO ME!!!!''Patrick shouted to Niall who was in the kitchen. ''KATIE SAY SORRY TO YOUR BROTHER!!!!!''He shouted back .''SORRY PATRICK PLEASE FORGIVE ME PADDY'' I said over dramaticly. 

''kids come into the kitchen please'' Niall said. ''Okay well Simon said your not aloud stay with us you's need to go to a foster home because we couldn't bring you on tour and Simon said it would ruin our image so either you's can go now or stay with us for the rest of the week doing fun stuff'' Niall said with a tint of regret and guilt but at the end he made a sad smile. It took a few seconds to come to me and Patrick about what he said then hell broke loose. '' JUST BRING US KNOW I KNEW THERE WOULD BE A CATCH I JUST KNEW NO ONE WOULD EVEN BOTHER TRYING TO ADOPT US NEVER MIND A CELBRITY '' I shouted and backed my bag crying.''It's ok Katie it's alright were better of without them if they don't want us anymore'' Patrick whisperd in my ear as we drove of into the night to the foster home.




HEY MY MARSHMALLLOW PEOPLE (yes that is what I call you ) I'm thinking of stop writing this story what do you think?


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