two little beggers

katie and patrick lived in a house in meath but got abused by their dad thier mam died when they were 5 of lung cancer . katie and patrick run away with their guitars and busk on o'connly street in dublin.what happens when a famous boyband come sight. seeing read and find out


4. you again

Katie's p o v
It was quite all I could hear was niall humming softly . The boy's and patrick were asleep but i was awake . I heard someone getting up I looked to see who it was it was DAD!.A shiver went down my back ."Harry Niall Louis Liam Zayn Patrick HELP PLEASE!" I shouted as i saw dad walking towards us."HELP" I screamed.Patrick woke up, he looked at our dad with fear . I started to tremble ,I then saw Harry walking up in the corner of my eye."Harry please help" I Siad .He gave me a confused look .Patrick looked at him as if ne was saying'Please help harry we will exsplain later'.Suddenly Harry shot up from his chair and grabbed my dad by the arms.My heart was racing . Niall walked up to me and patrick and soothenly said "Are you okay?".Me and Patrick gave each other a worried look." Eh well no not really.."Patrick trailed off."Oh whats wrong" Niall asked." Well me andPatrick had to ran away from our home because our dad used to beat us,Thats why we were busking on O'Connly street..A-and our dad is on this flight Harry is trying to keep himaway from us right now..."I siad with tears streaming down my face ."I decide that the last thing our dad did he went to far that's when I decide we should run away ..." Patrick muttered."Oh what did he do last time"Niall asked. I looked over at Patrick and nodded.I turned so my back was faceing Niall.Patrick slowly carefuly lifted the back of my top reacvlingmy huge burn across my back .Niall's jaw dropped "How could he do that to you!!" He shouted.I could tell anger was building up inside of him.Niall pulled me into a hug,my tears soaked his top but he didnt care
i did not make this chapter up my wonderful co - author superdirctioner i think is her name she made this all up she as commented on this booked plenty of times so cheak out her books please thank you :-)
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