two little beggers

katie and patrick lived in a house in meath but got abused by their dad thier mam died when they were 5 of lung cancer . katie and patrick run away with their guitars and busk on o'connly street in dublin.what happens when a famous boyband come sight. seeing read and find out


23. To many boys

Patricks P.O.V

I feel bad for Katie she has no girl to talk to .But in the other hand there is 22 boys here so I'll maybe have a few friends ?

Katie's P.O.V

Ummm help . I'm stuck with 22 boys way to many . " Louis please bring Katie up to the girls side if the house " asked Margret  . "Come one follow me " said a boy about 16-17 . Then room I had to myself was HUGE but there were 12 bed and there's only one me . "The bathroom is in there and you put your clothes in here " he said 

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