two little beggers

katie and patrick lived in a house in meath but got abused by their dad thier mam died when they were 5 of lung cancer . katie and patrick run away with their guitars and busk on o'connly street in dublin.what happens when a famous boyband come sight. seeing read and find out


22. Sad Goodbye's Happy Hello's

Katie's P.O.V 

When me and the three boy's Entered the house I was surprised at how clean it was . I think Jamie caught me looking around the massive enterence hall. "There Isn't alot of children here so thats why it is so clean if you were wondering" He said. "Guy's were in the kitchen " shouted Margeret from somewhere in the house. "Come along childeren follow me " said jack in a posh voice. Ne led us into a big mondern kitchen and island in the middle where Niall,Harry and Margeret were seated. "Now I'm sorry to say but Niall and Harry it's time for your goodbye's come along boy'slets leave them alone for the moment" said Margeret as she made the boys leave. "I guess this is goodbye "said Niall . "We will miss you so much both of you" said harry as the gave us both death hugs. "It's time for us to go we will see you soon" said Niall as the walked out the door. 

"C'mon let's show you your rooms " said Jamie while doing a funny face  trying to make me laugh .I gave a ghostly smile . Patrick and Jack were talking and patrick turned around and winked at me. "Um Katie you can either get your own room or you can share with me patrick and jack " say's Jamie. "I think I'll share with you guy's and why would I get my own room" I asked because m confused. " Well your the only girl here so um yeah" said Jamie . "Oh okay so how may boys is there" I asked just curious to know how much boys there is when there is only ONE girl ." Um 22 " he said and then added " Lets go meet them " he said . "BOY'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" shouted Margert who I just noticed was behind us. "COME MEET THE NEW PEOPLE" .Then 22 pairs of feet stopped down the oak stairs ."Wait why is there a girl we have never had a girl before have we guys?" asked a very tall boy as the rest of them nodded. "Well there's a girl now so shut the feck up " I told them with a bit of sass.I think louis rubbed of on me .The oldest one looked taken back . "Boys inerduce yourselfsto katie and patrick " said margeret

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