two little beggers

katie and patrick lived in a house in meath but got abused by their dad thier mam died when they were 5 of lung cancer . katie and patrick run away with their guitars and busk on o'connly street in dublin.what happens when a famous boyband come sight. seeing read and find out


2. busking o'connly street

katie p o v
We took the train to the station in dublin from there we walked to O'Connly street .It was raining ,me and patrick took out our guitairs .Since it was raining and we knew the choards to the song we played 'im singing in the rain '. I put my hat on the ground and we strumed the choards and patrick sang the frist the frist verus i sang the second and then we both sang while playing the guitairs " im singing in the rain what a glouries im happy again " dancing around i just noicted a bunch of about 7 people looking at us but patrick didnt see he was busy sing .I was still playing the guitiar and we sung the choures again and then the song ended as the raining became a drizzly and the drizzly was gone and lots of people clapped we both laughed at the responds . People came over and put a euro or two and some one put a fiver we nodded atthem with a smile . They people that were looking at us were still looking at us ." patrick thoose people are looking at us i think there going to murder us " i said as i turned to patrick ." there not going to i hope anyway but it dosent look like they will " said patrick couting the money in my hat . We heard laughing from behind us and i see a bunch of 18-20 olds laughing at us . " wha you looking at " me and patrick say at the same time . The curly head boy whispered somethong to an died blond with brown roots . "you to are really good singers " said a tan looking boy around 19 with a quiff ." thanks but why are yous talking to us most people walk past to go shopping or something you are obously going to murder us " i say in a supsiouses voice . "why in the world would they kill us katie your insane " said patrick turning me around to face " well maybey patrick i think the are because the stared at us for 5 minutes " i said to him as i turned around to face the people ."why would you think we murder you we were looking at you because your singing is amzing " said a boy said with a cropped head.As i was putting my hat on my head the took out their wallets and pureses because two of them were girls and handed patrick and me 50 euro note from each of them . "take these please you need it more than we do " said the girl with brown hair ." no we are not taking this put it back in your pockets and use it for rainy day " patrick said whit a smile and i was nodding . " fine take three notes then and that is are fine ill deal " said a boy with brown hair .After about five minutes of arugening about it ."fine if you instist " i finnily aggrening . As i take the money and put it in my pocket . I thought i saw them all before . After a couple of days we wakled up to them and said "We finily recoinied who you are ".
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