two little beggers

katie and patrick lived in a house in meath but got abused by their dad thier mam died when they were 5 of lung cancer . katie and patrick run away with their guitars and busk on o'connly street in dublin.what happens when a famous boyband come sight. seeing read and find out


9. Bad dreams and mustaches

Niall's p o v
Me and the boys were eating some left over pizza from last night . Then I heard a scream coming from the spare bedroom . I ran to the room to see what was wrong. I saw Katie sitting up biting her nails and sweating . "What's wrong " I asked." Just a dream" Katie said but she sounded scared and looked around to make sure in was a dream. I sat down next to her and rubbed circles on her back." Do you wanna stay up until me and the boys go to bed and you sleep in my bed so if you have another dream you can wake me up" I asked her ." Yes please " Katie said very quietly . I brought katie into the boys in the kitchen ." What's wrong Katie we heard you scream" asked Harry in a soft tone. " I had a very very very very VERY bad dream" Katie said ." Would a slice of pizza make it better "asked louis "Maybe a little bit" siad Katie. Me and the boys laughed a bit .. Louis handed her a slice she ate it very carefully when she finished she asked " do have a sharpe by any chance" . "N" I started to say but louis cut me off " I have orange blue red black pink green yellow and purple" He finished." Black please" Katie asked .Louis handed he r the sharpie " thanks " she said before tiptoeing to her bedroom . She was down there for about three minutes then she came back up with a smirk on her face." Katie what did you do " asked liam ." Oh I drew a mustache on Patricks face by accident " She says with an innocent smile ." Any who lads I think it's time to hit the hay we have a signing tomorrow " I said as I brought Katie to my bedroom "goodnight " I said to Katie as I drifted off to sleep.
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