two little beggers

katie and patrick lived in a house in meath but got abused by their dad thier mam died when they were 5 of lung cancer . katie and patrick run away with their guitars and busk on o'connly street in dublin.what happens when a famous boyband come sight. seeing read and find out


1. running away


katie p o v 

Hello im katie smith i have a twin brother named patrick. We both have REALLY curly hair deep  blue eyes and freackles lots of freackles . We are 12 we live in a flat in Navan witch is a town in co.meath in ireland . The sad thing is are dad beats us ever since our mam died with lung cancer when we were 5 .   "katie patrick get your lazy ares  in the kiction NOW"our dad demands from the kiction. Me and patrick  run to the kiction hoping it wasnt a beating ."good childeren  patrick get the lighter from the press for katies surprise"dad said showing his black and yellow teeth . "im so sorry ''patrick mouthed before going to get the lighter ."now you young lady sit on the island stool and shut your mouth ''dad spat . i sat down on the stool .''Here you go dad '' said patrick im guessing giving him the lighter . I felt pain shoot threw my back i just noticed that dad put a big burn mark on the top of my back. I just heard dad laugh at my pain and with that he went to the pub. '' katie are you okay come to the bathroom i will clean you up'' patrick said while starting to panic . He rushed me to the bathroom and put a big plaster on the mark.He as always been the serouise one i have been the messer . 

patricks p o v 

What the hell if wrong with that man . He just burned his own child  like what the hell . i had to stand there or he said he would kill her and i couldn't stand to see here die . After he left to get drunk in a pub . I rushed katie to the bathroom and put a big plaster on her burn mark . '' katie i have a plan to run away we are  going to busk o'connly street in dublin we will catch a trian and put spare thing in are guitair cases its a perfect plan'' i exsplained to katie '' patrick you are a genuis if you weren't my twin i would kiss you right now '' katie siad to me clearly exsited to get out of this hell house . We both have the same guitiars because it shows we are the same . '' Just because im your twin you wont kiss me '' i said sadly pionting to my cheek . She kissed my cheek and siad '' happy now'' before she went to  pack somethings in her guitiar case . I went over to my case and put .Two t shirts two piars of tracksuit bottoms my wallet a picture of mam  five pairs of boxers and five pairs of socks .

katies p o v 

i went over and put 2 tracksuit tops and bottoms 5 pair of pants five pair of socks  my wallet a picture of mam and my  i pod touch . Dad give us exspansuf stuff so we dont tell anyone we get beating .''patrick bring your i pod so we can download songs to play '' i shouted to him . When we were both ready . We said goodbye to our flat . Holding are guitair cases in one hand we walked out the door .twins p o v 

A new life at last 


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