Day Dreamer<3 (Niall Horan Love story)

What if what started out as a series of dreams became real? What if these dreams lead you to something that you didn't think you'd ever find? Love by fate? But is it to good to be true? Will the love of your life be taken away from you?


1. Chapter 1

*Ashley's Pov*


I was just getting off the late shift at Starbucks. I was beyond exhausted I just couldn't wait to get home.

After what felt like forever I finally pulled into the fimilar drive way. As soon as I got in I jumped in the

shower. When I finished with that i got dressed into comfy pajamas and I was out like a light.


As soon as I fell asleep I started to dream? I never dream. I know what your thinking no dreams?

But yes I never dream. The dream was so bright it just felt real like I was actually there.

When the dream became clear I found myself in a meadow. But this wasn't some random meadow this

was my meadow, the meadow I always came to when I wanted to escape all the crazy things life threw

at me. As I looked around the all to familiar meadow I saw someone? A boy about my age looked up at

me and slowly walked over to me.


"Hey princess I didn't think I was going to see you this soon. I can't wait for us to meet for real soon".


I looked up at him with so many questions running through my mind."Why did you just call me

princess? Who are you? When are we going to meet?"


He looked up at me and smiled then said "You are my princess, I'm Niall but don't worry we will meet

soon but it will be when you least expect it, but I have to go i'll see you soon princess, until next time."

He gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and soon disappeared.


I woke with a start, what did that mean? When I calmed down I rolled over to look at the clock on my

nightstand. 4:30 a.m. great, I layed back down on my bed trying to find sleep I knew I wasn't going to

get. After about an hour of just laying there thinking about the boy. So many questions were playing

through my mind. Why did he call me his princess? What did he mean by don't worry we will meet

soon but when you least expect it? I finally closed my eyes and I had fallen back asleep still thinking

about the boy.


But little did she know there was a boy not to far away laying awake because of the same dream

thinking the same thoughts Ashley was having. Were they going to meet or is it all just a dream?


 This is my first story comment what you think will happen(:  

Do you think they will meet?

Comment what you think or if you have and recommendations<3

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