Alyson Noel Competition


1. My spiritual guide

After much deliberation I have come to the conclusion that my animal guide would most definitely be a swan. When I tell you the next bit I want no sympathy or condolences please. Basically 4 and a half years ago my dad died. There I've said it. Anyway, in year 7 we went on a school trip to Belgium. As we were wandering down the roads we passed a beautiful canal. At 7.30 in the evening all was dark and peaceful. But there floating like bubbles were two delicate swans. Somehow or another I felt drawn towards them and could not resist taking a photo, so I could remember their presence forever. Unsurprisingly, each time I showed my friends all my "holiday piccies" I would show them the swans. In my eyes the swam were clear, amazingly angelic perhaps and pearly white, whereas none of my friends could see the swans. Deep inside my heart I find it clear I had a link with these swans. As you may understand, this is why I feel fond of swans.

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