They Don't Know About Us

Hey, I'm Sophie. I've just started my senior year in high school with my best friend, Niall. We have been best friends ever since fourth grade, but what he doesn't know is I'm in love with him. As he rises in the celebrity world will I loose him forever?


2. First Day

*Niall's P.O.V.*

     We soon took a left turn. I knew we were here, high school. I opened Sophie's door for her, we walked towards the huge stone building. "Niall, hand me your schedule. I wanna see what classes we have together." I dug through my blue bookbag, soon finding a bright yellow paper. Even on the first day I was unorganized. "Here you go," I said, handing the paper to her. We compared all of our classes and this year we got lucky. "Every freaking class?! This is going to be the best year ever!" I exclaimed.

     As we walked down the halls I noticed some girls looking at us. One of them being Victoria.I just shook it off but Sophie on the other hand was furious. I took her hand and ran into the old janitor closet at the end of the hall.

     "Soph-" I tried to talk but she cut me off. "I told you! Those girls were practicaly drooling over you!" I looked at her in disbelief. "Sophie. You're my best friend. Nothing is going to change that, okay?" She nodded. "Let's go get our books, shall we?" I asked her. She smiled. We walked out of the dim, cluttered closet and to her locker.

*Sophie's P.O.V.*

     We walked down the crowded hallway to my locker. This is why I love Niall. Even after all the female -and male- attention he has got, he won't leave me hanging. And yes, I said love. I have loved him ever since he stood up for me that day in fourth grade. I don't know what it was about him, but he gave me butterflies.

     When we walked into the classroom all of the seats were taken but two. Niall and I sat beside each other. When lunch rolled around we decided to go to McDonald's to eat. We got our usuals. He got 2 cheeseburgers and a milkshake. And I got a cheeseburger, salad, and a milkshake also. We picked our seats and started to chow down. "Sophie?" Niall asked. "Yes, Nialler?" I said back. We giggled. I haven't called him Nialler in ages. "Well, do you want to come back to my flat after school? I have a suprise for you." He said. "Sure!" I replied quickly. When we finished our food I drove us back to school. I wonder what the big suprise was?

Author's Note; So, I really like this chapter! can anyone guess what his "suprise" is? Sophie is gonna freak! Please like, comment, favorite! And mention me to your friends! Love ya! x

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