They Don't Know About Us

Hey, I'm Sophie. I've just started my senior year in high school with my best friend, Niall. We have been best friends ever since fourth grade, but what he doesn't know is I'm in love with him. As he rises in the celebrity world will I loose him forever?


4. Eavesdropping

*Sophie's P.O.V.*

"Oh my goodness! Thank you so much Nialler!" I exclaimed. I ran and jumped into his arms and gave him the biggest hug I could possibly give. After I hugged him I walked up to the boys and attemped to shake Louis' hand. "We only give hugs." He said while pulling me into a nice but short hug. I hugged the rest of the boys also.

"So, what were you all planning to do this evening?" I asked them. "Well, do you want to see a movie, Sophie?" Liam asked. "We wanted to go see Breaking Dawn part 2, but if you want to do something else that's fine." He continued. "That's perfect! But can I swing by my house and tell my Mom where I will be?" I asked. They agreed. "So, Niall, Louis and Sophie will drive in Niall's car. Liam, Harry and I will drive in mine." Zayn told us. Niall, Louis and I left 10 minutes early. I live right down the street from him, but I would like to talk to my mother and Mackenzee before I leave.

"So, are you ready, Soph?" Niall asked. "Of couse! Let's go!" Niall is the only one who calls me Soph and I love that. I love everything about him. His bleach blonde hair with brown roots that drives me crazy. Those gorgeous baby blue eyes that I get lost in. His gentle touch of his thumb on your cheek whiping away your tears. He's perfect, and I am greatful for him. If only I could tell him how I feel.

When I stopped by my home no one was there. I forgot, Mackenzee is at Creena's house for the day while Mom is working late at the hospital. I left a sticky note on the fridge saying, "Hey Mom! I'm going to the movies with Niall and some friends. I'll call you once it's over. Love you! -Sophie". I walked down the hall leading to the living room. I stopped in the middle of the hallway overhearing Louis and Niall's conversation. "Niall, you must tell her!" Louis whisper screamed. "No! What if she doesn't feel the same way? We are best friends! I can't ruin our friendship by telling her how I feel!" Niall said. Wait, was he talking about me? Does he have feelings for me?! My heart started to race and I melted inside. "Now be quiet Louis, I think Sophie is coming back." Niall said.

I walked into the room like I never heard anything. Niall and Louis exchanged glances. "What's going on guys?" I asked. "Oh nothing, Soph. Are you ready to go?" I nodded and we went outside and got into Niall's car.

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