They Don't Know About Us

Hey, I'm Sophie. I've just started my senior year in high school with my best friend, Niall. We have been best friends ever since fourth grade, but what he doesn't know is I'm in love with him. As he rises in the celebrity world will I loose him forever?


9. About that..

*Niall's P.O.V.*

I woke up to Sophie's head on my chest and I had my arm around her. Her eyes flutterd open. "Good morning, beautiful." I said. She smiled and we both sat up. "Wait, Niall, we have to go to school!" she yelled while jumping out of bed. I got up too. "Don't worry. If we leave now we will make it to my house and to school on time." I said, trying to calm her down. We threw on our dirty clothes from yesterday, woke up Louis, and checked out of the hotel.

*Sophie's P.O.V.*

All of us got into the car and drove home. The whole time I was thinking about last night. I wonder if that means we're dating now. I turned around to see Louis sleeping on the backseat. I figured it would be okay to talk to Niall about it. "Niall?" I asked. "Yes, Sophie?" He said. "Well, I was thinking about last night. I wasn't sure if that means we are dating or.." My voice trailed off. "I want us to be together. I don't regret anything I said or did last night." Niall said sincerely. "I want us to be together too, Niall." I said, he looked into my eyes. "Okay then. Niall James Horan is no longer single." He winked at me. "Niether is Sophie Danielle Simmons." We both smiled. Wow, I cannot believe I'm dating my best friend, Niall.

We stopped by his house and got ready. I've stayed over there plenty of times so I had clothes over there. Our parents have been very trusting with letting us stay together before, but I doubt we would be able to now considering we are bofriend/girlfriend. I hopped into his mom's shower and he got into his. When I got out I combed out my hair and put it into a bow. I loved puting my hair like this. My mom taught me a couple of years ago it looks my bun is in the shape of a bow. I got dressed and went into the kitchen to get myself a bowl of cereal. We had 20 minutes until we needed to leave. I decided to call my mom.

Begining Of Conversation

Mom: Hello?

Me: Hey Mom! I'm sorry I haven't called. After the movie Niall, Louis, and I decided to go out to eat. Paparazzi and fans showed up. It wasn't good. We jumped into the car and left, the paparazzi chased us though. After an hour of driving we finally lost them. It was late so we checked into a hotel.

Mom: Slow down, girl! It's fine, aslong as you're with Niall and hes keeping you safe.

Me: About that..

Mom: What is is?

My mom's tone got firm. I wasn't sure if I should tell her yet.

Me: Nothing, I'll see you after school. I love you, bye.

Conversation Ended

I finished my cereal and put the bowl in the sink. This place is like my second home. I sat down on the couch right as Niall and Liam walked in. "Soph, I told Liam about what happened with the paparazzi and the fans." Niall said as he picked up his bookbag. "I'm sorry that happened, Sophie. They can be like that." Liam said. "It's okay. Niall, are you ready?" I asked while picking up my bag. He nodded and we walked out of the door, hand-in-hand.

Once we got to school he opened my door for me, as usual. I got out and he gave me a peck on the lips. Both of us were grinning ear to ear. We held hands while walking through the school door. Niall and I were walking down the hall laughing, talking, and the occasional kiss on the cheek. Girls would look at us and whisper to their friends. I knew they were jealous, but I didn't care anymore. They had they're chance to be with him.

*Niall's P.OV.*

Sophie and I were walking down the halls, and she didn't get mad when girls looked at us! We walked to our lockers getting our books for the first class, but we ran into an unexpecting guest. Victoria.

"Hey Niall." She sad while twirling her hair around her finger. I can't stand her. I know it's not nice, but it's true! "Can we help you?" Sophie asked. "Oh I was just wondering, are you guys together now?" "Yes we are. Can you excuse us, we need to get to class." I said as I walked around her and her little group of friends. I pulled Sophie behind me.

When we walked around the corner we were alone. There were only 5 minutes left untill first period, I guess everyone already left. I embraced Sophie into a hug and we kissed passionately. "What was that for?" Sophie asked, smiling. "I just want to say, I love you Sophie. You know that, right?" I asked looking into her gorgeous green eyes. "Of course I do, Niall. I love you too." She said right before planting her soft lips on mine.

Authors Note: I'm so sorry I haven't updated in a while! I have been busy with the holidays, my cousins visited and I spent time with them. I also started a new fan fic, "Loved You First". I wrote the first chapter and then my computer froze right when I was going to publish it. It made me mad! So, I had to rewrite it, trying to remember the best of my ability. Anyways, Like, comment, favorite and mention to your friends!! I'd really appreciate it. Much love, Kara xx

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