Everything About You

Bethany, Sophie and Niall used to be the best of friends before Beth and Sophie moved to York for boarding school. The boys are invited to go there not knowing that Beth, Louis' Girlfriend, is there. Beth told Louis she was moving but she didn't say where. Niall fancies Beth and Liam fancies Sophie. When they do something naughty and get themselves in a heap of trouble can they escape? Find out in this book with a love triangle, crushes, adventure and betrayal all in one place.


16. Sequel

Hey Readers,

The sequel of Everything About You is published and its called Same Mistakes so please read it. When I used Eleanor in this book as an evil ex I wasn't saying I didn't like her I am a proper Elounor supporter. I just needed an excuse for the main character to start dating Niall instead of Louis. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy Same Mistakes. Love you all :) xxx

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