Everything About You

Bethany, Sophie and Niall used to be the best of friends before Beth and Sophie moved to York for boarding school. The boys are invited to go there not knowing that Beth, Louis' Girlfriend, is there. Beth told Louis she was moving but she didn't say where. Niall fancies Beth and Liam fancies Sophie. When they do something naughty and get themselves in a heap of trouble can they escape? Find out in this book with a love triangle, crushes, adventure and betrayal all in one place.


2. Seeing Sophie

Liam’s POV

As I unpacked my bags in the room opposite Harry and Zayn’s room which I was sharing with Louis and Niall at the boarding school we were staying in for a month i couldn’t wait to see Sophie again. I hadn’t seen her in ages.


Niall: Let’s go get some food. I’m starving.

Louis: After we have ate lets go find Sophie

Liam: We have to go get Harry and Zayn from across the hall first though.


When we had eaten we set off to find Sophie. When we finally found her after two and a half hours of searching the school she was in the library looking better then ever her dark brown hair really silky flowing down her back. Her style hasn’t changed at all since I last saw her.  She is so cute! Thank goodness she didn’t know I have a major crush on her. She was sat reading with.......



Sophie was sat reading with...........Bethany?!

Oh my carrots! I didn't know Bethany went here! She told me she was moving!



LP: Hey


B: Louis? I cannot believe it!

LT: Ello dere

Sophie and Bethany gave us all hugs and kept saying how happy they were to see us.





The boys are here?! Sophie gave everyone hugs since she was so surprised to see them. Sophie and Liam’s hug lasted longer then the rest. Wonder why.

LT: I can’t believe it!

B: Neither can I!

N: Its Saturday so should we chill here?

S: Sounds good to me

LP: Me too

When it turned 7pm Niall moaned of being hungry so we decided to go eat.



After we had eaten we returned to the library only to find it locked with all the lights off eventhough it was only nine. We decided to try and get the keys and sneak in to look at the books.

“NIALL HORAN PLEASE COME TO THE HEADMASTERS OFFICE NOW!” came over the load speaker. I started to panic in case everyone here would go insane but then I remembered it was mostly for celebrities and Beth and Sophie had only gotten in because of how smart and artistic they both were.

LT: Niall?

N: Yes?

LT: What have you done?

N: Nothing

Z: I think you should go to the headmasters office now

S: Actually, this is good

N: Why?

S: The headmaster usually waits until you have been waiting for five minutes before walking in so

B: Sophie can run in and grab his library keys before he meets you

S: If I can’t get out again before he comes I will hide under his desk and text Beth

B: Then I can get Louis to make a loud noise so the headteacher comes to see what it is

S: Then I can run back out give Liam the keys and he’ll run to the library and unlock the door

B: then he’ll give Sophie the keys back so she can slide them to you to put back on his desk.  Got it?

N: Yeah I think so

H: What do you want me and Zayn to do?

S: Zayn, you can think of something to distract the head teacher

B: The head teacher here is very vain. Don’t forget that

H: and me?

S: People will text you when they’ve done their part and you tell the next person by text

H: Thats good since I love phones

N: Alright, lets go

S: follow me


We all set off to the head teachers office and when we got there I walked into his office.

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