Everything About You

Bethany, Sophie and Niall used to be the best of friends before Beth and Sophie moved to York for boarding school. The boys are invited to go there not knowing that Beth, Louis' Girlfriend, is there. Beth told Louis she was moving but she didn't say where. Niall fancies Beth and Liam fancies Sophie. When they do something naughty and get themselves in a heap of trouble can they escape? Find out in this book with a love triangle, crushes, adventure and betrayal all in one place.


9. Get Me Out Of Here

Louis’ POV

LT: What was wrong with Niall?

B: I don’t know

LT: Here he comes now.

B: Nialler, what was wrong?

N: Nothing

B: If you can talk to Liam about it, you can definitely talk to me about it.

N: It doesn’t matter.

B: Nialler...

LT: Beth, I think you should leave it

B: Ok


I managed to get her to leave the subject. Thank god! Niall walked away to be by himself for a bit.


Niall’s POV

This is way too hard to stop thinking about her! She’s Louis’ girl! Get her out of your head, Niall! As I was ‘comforting’ myself I was interrupted by Zayn.


Z: Niall, I need to talk to you

N: What’s up?

Z: Liam told me

N: Why did he tell you?

Z: I don’t know.

N: I’m glad he did because you can help get me through it.

Z: I was going to tell Perrie so you can get a girl’s opinion. Is that ok?

N: That’s fine as long as she doesn’t tell anyone else.

Z: I was going to phone her now. Do you want to talk to her about this or should I?

N: Whatever you think best.

Z: Alright


Zayn’s POV


*on phone*

Z: hey babe

P: Hey baby

Z: I phoned you to say I miss you.....

P: I miss you too

Z: and Niall’s having a problem with a girl. We wanted your opinion.

P: Sure, I’ll help and I won’t tell anyone, I promise.

Z: That’s good

P: What’s the problem?

Z: Well, Niall likes this girl who is Louis’ girlfriend.

P: Eleanor?

Z: No, they broke up months ago. Remember I told you when we were watching Toy Story with Liam.

P: Oh yeah. I remember now. Who’s his girlfriend then?

Z: She’s called Beth and she’s been Niall’s friend since they were babies.

P: Oh.

Z: What do you think Niall should do?

P: Well, if I knew Beth then I could tell you but.....

Z: I can pass her on so you could bond a bit.

P: That’s a great idea. I won’t tell.

Z: ok. Talk to you in a bit. Love you baby.

P: Love you more babe.


Z: Beth!

B: Yes?

Z: Perrie is on the phone and wants to talk to you

B: ok


I passed the phone to Beth


*on phone*


P: Hello

B: Hi

P: Do you like going shopping?

B: Yeah!

P: We should so meet up and go shopping

B: Definately!

P: If you found out a friend liked you but you already had a boyfriend what would you do?

B: It depends who the friend was and if I liked him back. Why you wanna know?

P: It’s happened to Leigh-Anne and I wanted your opinion

B: Oh.

P: Thanks for the help.

B: No problem

P: Wanna go shopping next Saturday? Just me and you?

B: That sounds great

P: Alright. See you then. Pass me back onto Zayn please. Bye B.

B: Ok. Bye P


Beth passed the phone back


Z: hey again

P: hey

Z: Did you get it?

P: Yeah. She said it depends who the friend is and if she liked him too

Z: Thanks. Love you.

P: Love you too

Z: Bye

P: Bye


I told Niall what Perrie had said and then he smiled.




Beth’s POV

Yay! I was going shopping with Perrie next Saturday! If I get out of here that is. I held my head down trying to get an idea then I noticed something on the floor. I knelt down to read it. It said ‘You will become your reflection until you get shown affection by the one who loves you.’ I turned around and noticed a mirror had appeared. Oh goodness! I could feel a strange force pulling at my waist. Before I knew it I was inside the mirror!




I was screaming for help for 5 minutes before I realised they couldn’t hear us. I tried to phone them but I couldn’t because there was no signal.



Niall’s POV

Where was Beth? I had decided it was best to tell her how I felt. Where was she? Wait....what was Zayn doing? I walked over to him to have a closer look. He was looking into a big mirror. Where had that come from?


LT: Whats the problem?

LP: Are you ok?

Z: I want to know where this mirror came from

N: have any of you seen Beth?

LT: I haven’t and I’m missing my baby


That made my heart sink. HIS baby. She should be mine. As I was thinking all these sad thoughts I noticed something written on the glass. It said ‘Help me please! I am trapped inside this mirror! I can hear and see you but you can’t see or hear me. Help! Love from, Beth x’ Oh gosh! Beth was inside this mirror. How do you get her out? I pointed this message out to everyone and everyone started pancking.


N: Beth? Write on the mirror if you know what we have to do to get you out.


More writing appeared on the mirror telling us what we had to do. Straight away Louis told Beth he loved her through the mirror thinking it would work but it didn’t. The mirror went red meaning wrong.


LT: Since mine didn’t work someone else loves Beth. Who is it?


Me, Liam and Zayn exchanged looks knowing it was me who needed to confess. I didn’t want to in front of Louis. It would break his heart. If I said it and she got out that means she loves me too but if I say it and she doesn’t get out then I’ll lose Louis. Such a hard decision! Louis or Beth?


H: Niall? Niall?

N: Y...y...yeah?

H: You have been staring at the mirror for 2 whole minutes. Are you ok?

N: Um...yeah I’m fine

LT: What are we to do?

Z: Should we leave it until tomorrow?

LT: We can’t.

LP: Should we go over there and brainstorm another way for her to get out?

LT: Good idea. Niall, I trust you to stay over here and guard this mirror

N: Ok. I’ll do it


Yes! A few minutes alone with Beth. Maybe I could tell her now. When everyone had walked away to brainstorm ideas I noticed a smudge on the mirrors glass so I took the bottom of my shirt and tried to rub it on the glass but it went right through. What?! I tried with just my hand and it went through! Being brave I decided maybe I could rescue Beth by stepping into the glass. Ok here goes......

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