Everything About You

Bethany, Sophie and Niall used to be the best of friends before Beth and Sophie moved to York for boarding school. The boys are invited to go there not knowing that Beth, Louis' Girlfriend, is there. Beth told Louis she was moving but she didn't say where. Niall fancies Beth and Liam fancies Sophie. When they do something naughty and get themselves in a heap of trouble can they escape? Find out in this book with a love triangle, crushes, adventure and betrayal all in one place.


8. Confessed

Niall’s POV

Beth is so pretty. To be honest I am a bit jealous that Louis is dating my girl. She has been my friend forever but at high school I started to fancy her. Everything always stayed the same since I hid my feelings and hung back while she had all the relationships. As people were dating her my heart filled with sorrow.

N: Beth?

B: Yeah, Nialler?

N: I.....I want to know where the Nandos basket is

B: Its over there. That’s just reminded me. You need to translate the writing over there.

N: Oh yeah. I nearly forgot.

I went over to the writing and it said “chun éalú dom go bhfuil tú a réiteach bhfreagra. Tá tú in aghaidh na seachtaine agus más rud é nach bhfuil tú seo a chomhlánú bhfreagra a bheidh tú a bheith gafa go deo! N-éirí leat!” And I translated it to say “to escape me you have to solve a puzzle. You have a week and if you don't complete this puzzle you will be trapped forever! Good Luck!” Oh my gosh. I had to tell someone. Infact I had to warn everyone. I called everyone over to tell them the bad news.


Louis’ POV

Niall had just told us the bad news and I was so glad I had my smart girlfriend to hopefully get us out. Wait! She had that dream. I had a flashback of what happened last night. When the flashback had finish I snapped back to reality.

LT: What is the puzzle?

N: Erm....the puzzle is a puzzle of life.

LT: What does that mean?

N: We have to solve some puzzles then we can go through a door into a better place

LT: Alright.

S: Guys? What’s that on the wall?

LP: It’s instructions written in French. Who can speak French?


LT: Beth, can’t you speak French?

B: Yes

LT: Can you translate it for me?

B: Alright. It says “the first puzzle is a logic puzzle.....”

She went on to explain what it said. It seemed easy enough.


Beth’s POV

LT: Beth and Liam are the smartest so I think they should solve this first puzzle.

B: Everyone start collecting your stuff.

LP: Here are the two doors.

B: Yeah.

LP: The left door says ‘Mary’ and the right door says ‘July’

B: I’ll read the puzzle again


Mary's mum has four children.
The first child is called April.
The second May.
The third June.
What is the name of the fourth child?


B: I know! Its Mary because there is 4 kids and 3 of their names are April, May and June but its Mary’s mum so it has to be Mary

LP: Very smart. Guys! She’s solved it!

LT: Yeah! My girl!


Louis gave me a kiss on the forehead and held me hand as we opened the door. Yes! I knew it was right!

Niall’s POV

Beth is so smart and I’m stupid. A tear streamed down my face. Beth noticed.

B: What’s wrong?

N: n...n....nothing

B: Niall, you can tell me

N: nothing’s wrong, Beth

B: Nialler, look at me

N: What?

B: You can tell me

N: I need to talk to Liam

B: Alright. I’ll get him.

She gave me a hug and left me and Liam alone to talk.

LP: Niall, whats up?

N: I have....a problem......a big problem

LP: What is it?

N: Since high school I have fancied Beth and I cried because I thought she’s smart and I’m stupid.

LP: You are not stupid

He gave me a hug to cheer me up and told me that feelings are normal.

N: It feels like no-one cares anymore even you.

LP: Think about it this way, my girlfriend is in there waiting for me and I’m chilling with you

N: oh.

LP: Feel better?

N: Yeah

LP: Lets go

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