Everything About You

Bethany, Sophie and Niall used to be the best of friends before Beth and Sophie moved to York for boarding school. The boys are invited to go there not knowing that Beth, Louis' Girlfriend, is there. Beth told Louis she was moving but she didn't say where. Niall fancies Beth and Liam fancies Sophie. When they do something naughty and get themselves in a heap of trouble can they escape? Find out in this book with a love triangle, crushes, adventure and betrayal all in one place.


5. Back Together Again

Beth’s POV

As I opened my eyes Louis was sat looking at me. A smile broke onto his face when he saw my eyes were open.

LT: Glad you’re awake

B: Thanks, glad to see you. Where are we?

LT: Inside the book.....

B: Inside the book?!

LT: Yes

B: Oh ok


Liam and Harry walked over to me and Louis

LP: Hello

B: Hey

H: Are you ok?

B: Yeah I’m fine

H: You sure?

B: Yes

H: Ok


I got up and walked over to Niall

B: Niall?

N: Yeah?

B: Um...I brought you something

N: What is it?

B: food

N: Food?! Where did you get it?

B: I brought it to the midnight meet up

N: Oh right

B: here it is


I handed him a big picnic basket full to the brim with Nandos food. Niall gave me a big hug when he saw the contents. Everyone ran over to see what the hug was about and I explained it to them.


Louis’ POV                                                                                                                                                                                      

Bethany is so beautiful. I knew I was in love with her. When she was sleeping she looked like Sleeping Beauty.


LP: We have to find Sophie

B: Yes we do. Liam, pass me the phone.

LP: Ok


*On phone*

B: Sophie?

S: Beth?

B: Are you ok? Where are you?

S: I’m fine and I don’t actually know where I am.

B: You still have that phone tracker app?

S: Yes

B: Try and track Liam’s phone

S: Oh yeah. Good idea.


Liam’s POV

About half an hour later I could see Sophie and I ran so fast I thought my legs would fall off. I gave her the tightest hug ever and she blushed. Aww she’s so cute when she blushes. She kissed me on the cheek then everyone crowded around us and asked her loads of questions. In the middle of it all Louis asked Beth if they could talk quietly and then they both walked away.

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