Name will be changed later.

A fan fic of the Morganville Vampire series and Percy Jackson.


What happens when Shane is claimed by his Godly parent? Michael and Eve too? How will they deal with it?


6. Shane.

Caffeine. Coffee. Eve. Building. Explode. I open my eyes. There's rubble everywhere. But not on me. Heck, I'm not even lying down. I'm just standing on a mound of rubble. There's water flowing around me. I lower my arms; the water dissappears. I raise my arms again. Water flows directly ahead hitting the receptionist in the face. I instantly lower my arms.

"Ugh, Sorry?" I say, not sure what's happening.

"Son of Poseidon. You shall regret that." The receptionist says in her Texas accent.

"Son of... Who? Who are you? And why did you call me son of.. P-Poseidon?"

"I am a Lotophagi. Welcome to my lare."

"Right. So your a Photolagi? What the heck is one of them?" I say, confused. I hear movement and glance behind her to see Eve and Michael laying under the rubble.

"You are a stupid child. I am a Lotophagi. This is the lare of the lotus eaters my boy. You can't leave, Shane Collins. You will never leave. Look around. Don't you want to stay?" I look around. Instead of rubble I see people everywhere. This is a hotel. And one with a casino too. "Here have a membership card." She smiles and holds one out. I snatch it out of her hand.

"Awesome." I say. She chuckles. I look behind her again, Eve and Michael are playing space invaders.

"Play any of these games. Help yourself. Please go, enjoy." I rotate the card in my hands. Shiny. I head off in the direction of Poker.

"Deal me in." I say. The guy smiles and deals. A long game of poker later, I walk towards Eve, poker chips in my pocket.

"Shane!" She giggles before running up to me and kissing my cheek.

"Hey Eve. Hey, check out all these chips." I show her a few.

"Shane no." She smacks them out of my hand. "It's not safe here. We need to leave."

"Spoil sport. I don't wanna leave." As I say leave three people carrying trays of lotus shaped food walk over.

"Please, Shane, help yourself." The first one says.

"Don't mind if I do." I reach to grab one but Eve slaps my hand away. I glare at her. I reach to take another one but she hits my hand again. "Seriously." I say, aggitated.

"He's not hungry. We're leaving anyway." Eve say, tugging on my arm.

"Oh I don't think so. Here have a Platinum Membership card. There's a whole other floor upstairs." Says the second one. My eyes widen.

"No Shane. We have to go." She whispers in my ear. "Michael. We need to find him." Then realisation hits me like  a tonne of bricks. Lare of the Lotus eaters. The guys (and girls) that trap you. I nod at Eve.

"I'm staying." I lie. The lotus people smile and walk off. "Let's go find Michael."  We walk around the building, it's like a giant maze. I stand on someone's poker table and pull Eve up. I point towards the main doors. "He's there." Michael's just standing there. I jump down with Eve and run towards Michael. He sees us heading towards us. He walks towards us and jumps into a new car. The car starts and we jump in.
"Seatbelts." He smiles as he speeds through the building. The car smashes through the glass doors. "God, you guys take ages to figure things out." He grins.

"You could've helped."  say.

"I did. I told Eve. Then I won the car." He nods, pleased at himself.

"Dude. Seriously? So, umm where are we?" I ask.

"I hate to say it, but we're some how in Vegas." Eve says as we drive through the city. I curse under my breathe. "I agree Shane." She says.

"We're further back!" I yell. "Come on man. So not cool." I slap the chair in front. The breaks slam on.

"Dude. Slam her chair." Michael says.

"Sorry man, just annoyed." He shakes his head before staring at the road ahead.

"So. We have further to go." Eve says. "And we have a new car. That probably will take us, what half-way?"

"How much do poker chips cash in for?" I ask. Eve glares at me.

"Really?" I shrug, emptying my pockets. Hundreds of poker chips fall out, covering the floor. Eve looks impressed. I scoop them back up.

"Guys up ahead." Mike says. I look through the window. There's a sign that says: Barry's Poker Chip Exchange. "Good timing I think." He pulls in.

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