Name will be changed later.

A fan fic of the Morganville Vampire series and Percy Jackson.


What happens when Shane is claimed by his Godly parent? Michael and Eve too? How will they deal with it?


3. Michael.

Monica walks in and kisses me on the cheek.

"Ready to go?" I ask. She nods and waves her fluffy pink bag thing around. I shudder before leading her to Eve's car outside.

"Look after my baby!" Eve yells as I lock the door. I wink at her and get in the drivers seat. Monica sits in the passenger seat and we drive off.

"Where do you want to go?" I ask.

"The mall."

"There isn't a mall in Morganville." I sigh.

"The bloodbank then." She sighs. How is the bloodbank an exchange for a mall? Seriously?

"Bloodbank it is then." I put the car into gear and drive off. I pull over at the side of the road. "This is as far as I go. The bloodbank is just there." I point at the shop, not even a minutes walk away.

"But you're my boyfriend. I'm paying you."

"Fine." I get out of the car and walk with her, into the shop. There's a line of vampires all holding sports bottles filled with a red liquid. Blood. I turn away. Monica's friends are sat in the waiting area. Monica runs over to them, waving and what? Air kissing? That's just sad.

"Hey girls! This is my boyfriend. Michael. In case you weren't aware this is our fifth date." I roll my eyes. Wait. Fifth date. What was that tradition I heard about? When a Morganville couple reach their fifth outing they tend to end up in the bloodbank. It usually lead to them being "Alergic" to sunlight and constantly drinking a red "Sports drink". Is she really going to go through with this? Why would she? We're not serious. She's paying me.

"Mr Glass and Miss Morrel please." A white coated lady says. She directs us into a white room. Full of white furniture. "Take a seat each of you. Now you understand the risks?" Monica nods and grins, desperate.

"What's going on?" I ask.

"My boy, you don't know? Well Monica here has requested you both donate your... Let's say... Tastes for food and umm.... Your invulnerability towards sunlight."

"But we're not a real couple." I say, panicing. I reach into my pockets. I look at Monica. She's gone. Not there. Dissappeared. Instead a wolf sits in her place. The lady in the white coat. A beautiful wolf.  "What's going on?"

"I, my boy, am Lupa. And you are the son of a God. Which God, I do not know, you have not been claimed." I stare at the wolf. "You must travel to camp. It's in Long Island Sound. Travel there, you will find your true destiny." I close my mouth. I turn to the wolf where Monica was sat. "You care for her. You may not like her but you care. For that, I shall return her safely to her home. With no memory of this day. Just a false one in return." I look down and back up again. Lupa is gone. I'm back home again.

"You ok?" Shane asks. "You look like you've seen a ghost. Or a wolf called Lupa." My eyes widen as I pick up my go bag.

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