Name will be changed later.

A fan fic of the Morganville Vampire series and Percy Jackson.


What happens when Shane is claimed by his Godly parent? Michael and Eve too? How will they deal with it?


4. Eve.

"You saw her too?" Michael asks. Shane nods, I walk up behind him.

"Me too." I say. Shane kisses my cheek. "We're demi Gods I guess." The boys nod. "Let's do this journey!"

"Lemme just grab ma backpack." Shane says, practically skipping up the stairs. I shake my head at him before walking outside towards the car. Shane and Michael join me as I slide into the drivers seat. Shane rides shotgun. "So, Long Island, hey?"

"Yeah. Long Island. That's like... A million states away." Michael exaggerates.

"Not really, it's around six states if we drive in a straight line." I reply.

"Six states. Man. Let's at least get some decent music on." Shane complains.

"We only have whats in this car. I'll stop in the next state." I reply.

"Arkansas, right?" Michael says.

"Yeah. And we're right in the middle of Texas." Shane replies. I put the car into gear and pull away from the curb. It's nightfall as we reach Dalas. The boys are fast asleep. My eyes are tired, they just want to close. But I need to wait until we reach a motel. And there isn't one around for at least 10miles. Maybe you should wake Shane or Michael up? Nah don't be silly. It's only 10 more miles. I say to myself. Stop talking to yourself. People will think your crazy. I stop as I see a red light ahead. Dang. Mass traffic jam and it's like two in the morning. Jeesh.

"Holy... It's a bit busy for like two in the morning." Shane sighs, his hair shaggy as always. "Where are we?"

"Outskirts of Dallas, if you'd believe that." I say. He grins.

"Well. Almost in Arkansas."

"Yep indeed." I say. Michael yawns.

"Dallas?" He asks. Shane nods. I switch on the radio.

"And for all you people commuting through Dallas, there has been an accident so your commute wont be as quick as you hoped. Good Morning Dallas and welcome to the Three A.M morning show! Todays news..." I switch it off.

"An accident? Is there anyway we can go round it?" Shane asks.

"Dunno." I switch the radio back on.

"So just a recap, the accident has now had a little detour that will take you straight through Arkansas boarders. Just follow the signs!" I smile and hit the accelorator. Passing by all the cars not going to Arkansas Shane laughs at them all.

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