Name will be changed later.

A fan fic of the Morganville Vampire series and Percy Jackson.


What happens when Shane is claimed by his Godly parent? Michael and Eve too? How will they deal with it?


2. Eve.

"Shane's still in bed." Michael says as I walk down the stairs yawning. I nod and walk into the kitchen.

"Breakfast?" I ask. He nods and starts playing his guitar. I fry up some bacon and eggs. "Sunnyside up, no choices!" I shout. The bacon starts burning. I curse under my breathe and take it off the stove, dropping the pan on the floor. Bacon spills everywhere. I bend over to pick it up as something sticky drips onto my neck. I feel for it and pull my hand in front of my face. Eggs. I stand up and chuck the bacon into the bin. The eggs have gone all runny and disgusting. I poke one with a fork and it splits. "Ewww." I pour the contents into the bin. "Mikey you mind having leftover pizza?"

"Hell yeah!" He shouts. I sigh with relief and open the fridge. Beer. Beer. Beer. Coke. Coke. Coke. Beer. Coke. Pizza. I pull out two cokes and the box of pizza. I put three slices on Mikey's plate and two on my own. I carry the plates through and the cokes. I place his plate and coke onto a table and sit down with mine. I tuck into my pizzas and drink my coke. I hear movement upstairs. He wont be up yet.

"It's your turn to go food shopping." I casually drop into the conversation.

"Damn." Mikey replies. He places his guitar down before sitting and eating.

"So, you and Monica. I thought you hated her?" I ask, being nosey.

"Yeah, well, I need a good job you see and I thought I'd get in with Monica..." I give him a look. "Oh alright. I'm posing as her boyfriend so some idiot called Mark gets jealous and asks her out." I burst out laughing.

"Tell me she's paying you!" I yell. He nods, then bursts out laughing with me.

"What am I doing?" He laughs.

"No idea, sweetie. No idea at all." I laugh back. He falls off the chair and lands with his face on the plate. "Oh you idiot!" I exclaim, helping him up. I look at the clock. 13:39. I hear movement from upstairs. I look at Michael. "I'll go make him some sandwiches." I rush into the kitchen before Michael can react. I hear a series of loud bangs and thuds.

"You ok dude?" Says Michael.

"Understatement of the century dude. No I'm not ok." Shane says sarcastically.

"Sorry bro." Michael offers his hand but Shane gets up without his help.

"Where's Eve?" Shane  asks.

"Dunno." He shrugs. Shane walks into the kitchen.

"Morning Eve." He wraps his arms around my waiste and kisses my cheek.

"Afternoon babes." I carry on cooking. He pulls his arms away and takes the plate of sandwiches.

"Afternoon already?" He sighs.

"You need a job." I  say as he walks into the living room.

"Yeah, yeah." He replies stuffing his mouth full of sandwiches. I'm walking through to the lounge when the doorbell goes. Michael tells Shane to get the door and he walks off. I hear Monica's shrill, annoying voice. Ugh. I hope Michael gets paid. A lot.

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