Name will be changed later.

A fan fic of the Morganville Vampire series and Percy Jackson.


What happens when Shane is claimed by his Godly parent? Michael and Eve too? How will they deal with it?


1. Shane.

Opening my eyes I bravely sit up and scan my surroundings. The sun is shining through my windows. Did I close my curtains? Obviously not. I hear a yawning sound. My eyes widen and I turn to my left. Phew, there's no one there. Wait. Why would there be? Standing up I stumble over my clothes, fall through my door and trip down the stairs. A few thuds later I landed next to the sofa.

"You ok dude?" Says Michael.

"Understatement of the century dude. No I'm not ok." I say sarcastically.

"Sorry bro." He offers me his hand but I get up without his help.

"Where's Eve?" I ask.

"Dunno." He shrugs. I walk into the kitchen.

"Morning Eve." I wrap my arms around her waiste and kiss her cheek.

"Afternoon babes." She carries on cooking. I pull my arms away and take her plate of sandwiches.

"Afternoon already?" I sigh. I slept all morning again.

"You need a job." Eve says as I walk into the living room.

"Yeah, yeah." I reply stuffing my mouth full of sandwiches. I'm halfway through the last one when the doorbell goes.

"Shane can you get that!" Michael yells from the shower.

"Fine." I groan as I stand up and walk to the door. I open the door.

"Hello Shane." Monica. She's back.

"What do you want?" I snap. She's one evil woman.

"I'm here to see Michael of course." She says, sweetly. I gesture for her to come in.

"Mike!" I yell.

"I'm the shower you idiot!" Michael screams.

"Monica's here!" I reply.

"Oh, she's early! Keep her entertained!" I hear a thud sound. Eve walks down the stairs, she takes one quick glance at Monica and runs back up the stairs.

"Eve!" I yell, desperately. I really don't want to be stuck with her. Alone.

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