Not to be afraid

"Jasper" Charlotte exclaimed as she saw her friend had come to visit

However, Jasper nor Peter smiled at each other- something was seriously wrong.Charlottes smile was dashed and replaced with confusion, concern beginning to surface when she saw that Alice was not smiling either.

Peter and Charlotte are dragged from their nomadic life into a new world where the exsistence of one child- could threaten theirs. Traveling to Forks they meet new friends and foes on the way, all the time trying to stay alive and keep their sanity and keep each other out of harms way.


1. Prologue

The summer still lingered in the city of Detroit, a warm evening with cloudless sky welcomed the moon and the stars and those humans who mooched off the world below. A swift pair of feet pounded against the pavement, the hooded teenager still clinging to the woman’s handbag; droplets of her deep red blood stuck to the cream leather purse.  He glanced back, once then twice, just to check that he was safe and that no one was in pursuit- the sounds of the busy streets were distant now, no more than a rumble of cars and the quiet night-time chatter of horns. The teenager, slowed to a halt, looking around him into the dark blueness of the alley he stood in; the coast was clear, there was no one here other than the rats that rummaged around the rubbish bins and the gutters- he was safe. He opened the purse and began to search for anything of value inside and began throwing aside old receipts, lipstick, chocolate wrappers, a mirror and an address book before he found her wallet buried deep in the confides of the bag. The man smiled beneath his breath as he took what money she kept in there and shoved it into the pocket of his jeans- he had made a fortune tonight, it would be enough to buy coke off his dealer and maybe a night with Monique; but as he stood and turned to leave, he found himself staring at a shadowing figure who was standing in the mouth of the alley- blocking his only escape route. He frowned, rage building up inside him and so he pulled the pocket knife from his jeans and walked towards the figure- waving the knife at the person; his victims blood still dripped from its point. As the teenager got closer, he saw that the figure was a woman- a very small woman in fact, small enough for him to take down without any trouble at all; a fact that made him smile in some sort of twisted pleasure but then as he got even closer he noticed that the small woman was wearing the same jacket as his first victim- the same khaki green coloured jacket. This did somewhat deter him from attempting to attack her, but he went ahead with it anyway as he got within arm’s reach of her chest.

“Get. Out. My. Way” he spat, holding the small woman at knife point

The woman seemed unfazed by the gesture, and simply smirked at him as if she found the situation hilarious; being held at knife point was far from the funny side of life, thought the adolescent. He went to thrust the knife into her chest, then repeat the move a thousand times more but on his first blow- the knife simply broke in two, not even making a scratch on the woman’s skin. He stared in bewilderment as the woman slowly looked up more revealing a startling pair of crimson red eyes, that seemed to throb and glow in the night, causing the young man to cry out in terror and turn to run; however as he did there was a quiet whoosh behind him and before he knew what had happened, the young man was dead.

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