Not to be afraid

"Jasper" Charlotte exclaimed as she saw her friend had come to visit

However, Jasper nor Peter smiled at each other- something was seriously wrong.Charlottes smile was dashed and replaced with confusion, concern beginning to surface when she saw that Alice was not smiling either.

Peter and Charlotte are dragged from their nomadic life into a new world where the exsistence of one child- could threaten theirs. Traveling to Forks they meet new friends and foes on the way, all the time trying to stay alive and keep their sanity and keep each other out of harms way.


2. Friends

The stench of blood filled the air as blood pulsated from the adolescent and into the mouth of a second male- the woman watched as the life drained out of the adolescent male, his eyes slowly turning into empty orbs of moss green, his body falling limp in the arms of the second man. The smell and the sight of the blood drip from the body and onto the damp concrete made the woman groan, the desire to feed still lingering in the base of her throat; even though moments before hand had she drunk from the woman the adolescent had robbed from. She watched as the second male lay the corpse in the shadow of the alley- where the light of the moon did not even dare to tread- concealing the murder on the darkness; removing the jacket the young man was wearing at the time of his death. The second man turned towards her, his eyes a brilliant ruby red now- the iris’s swimming with flecks of black and waves of deeper maroon colours- his thirst had been quenched for now.  A smile slowly danced across the man’s pale face- the remains of his meal etched on his perfect teeth- as he made his way towards her in several large strides. The man stood at 6 feet, which was much taller than the woman, and had a build of a soldier; broad shoulders and straight back. The woman peered up at him as he came to a halt beside her, his large hand reaching and inspecting the tear in her shirt; the tear that had been caused by the failed dagger. He frowned some, moving his hand to her cheek- where her face fit almost perfectly in it.

“Are you alright?” he asked with a gentle tone that had a hint of the south peppered in his words

The woman nodded, with a slight laugh and replied with a similar accented tone “I’m fine Peter…”

Peter smiled and dropped his side as he examined her jacket “Nice coat”

“Thanks,” the woman said tugging the long sleeves up so they rested in the crook of her elbows “I got it from the woman- it’s a nice fit”

Peter chuckled lightly, looking down at the petite woman. She was rather tiny, in many aspects, with large round crimson eyes, cropped brown hair and facial features someone would only find on a statue of an angel; the woman was stunning beautiful, far from any mortal beauty that could be found on this earth. Peter slipped the jacket on, smiling at the woman as she did it; her nod of approval causing him to smile more and tug on various areas of his coat to make sure it was perfect. One of her tiny hands reached up and began to adjust the collar, causing Peter to turn his attention to her- her eyes focusing on hiding the blood that had spilt onto the sheep skin collar; before they jumped to his and sparkled in delight that he was watching her with admiring eyes. She moved her tiny hand to his cheek, brushing gently through the curls on his head before she glanced down in a bout of shyness. Peter smiled at her, taking her chin in his hand and tilting her so she was looking at him again- she didn’t resist this, her face still happy with child-like delight.

“Did I tell you how much I love you Charlotte?” Peter whispered huskily to her

Charlotte smiled back, expressing her happiness through a giggle “Always….”

Peter leaned down to kiss her but stopped suddenly, standing at his full height as he looked beyond Charlotte. Charlotte frowned in confusion, turning to see what he was looking at; two people stood not far from them- their hands interlocked and their faces set in blank expressions. The one, stood at the same height as Peter did and had the same strong shoulders as he did the only difference being his golden hair was slightly longer than Peters and his eyes were a brilliant golden colour. The person beside him had the same honey golden eyes as the male did- with short black spikey hair and a height that reflected Charlotte’s in an odd way. Charlotte smiled at the two, for she recognized them as their long term friends;  Jasper- a man who had once controlled both Peter and Charlotte back in the south- and his mate Alice Cullen- a sweet sparky girl who could see the future.

“Jasper!” Charlotte exclaimed as she saw her friend had come to visit them

However, Jasper nor Peter smiled at each other- something was seriously wrong. Charlottes smile was dashed and replaced with confusion, concern beginning to surface in her red eyes when she saw that Alice wasn’t smiling either. Alice was always smiling, Charlotte had never known her not to smile- even in the saddest of moments; but a smile had failed to grace her face this time round, which frightened Charlotte a little- knowing Alice was unhappy with what was to come. Peter sensed his mates worry and put his hand on her shoulder, squeezing it lightly as he stepped forward toward his friends.

“What’s wrong?” Peter asked sharply

Alice paused, looking at them as if considering whether to tell them truth about the situation “Our family is in danger…we need you to go to Forks and help them….we know it’s a lot to ask of you but you could be in danger as well……”

Charlotte looked at Peter, then Alice “Are you not joining us?”

There were no words spoken for some time after that question, and it seemed like the nomads already knew the answer to that. Alice looked down before hugging both Charlotte and Peter in turn before returning to Jaspers side; who was not one to hug but stepped forward and embracing his old friend in his arms- giving him a pat on the back as he did. Peter returned the hug, sensing that this may be the last time they would see each other- and watched as Jasper hugged Charlotte, who cautiously hugged him back; surprised by his actions. Jasper returned to Alice’s side, giving both nomads a curt nod before they turned and left without another word. Charlotte stood in silence, her gaze moving to her feet as she began to consider the fact that something bad was going to happen; happily accepting Peters hug when they lost sight of their friends.

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