He's Back Again

Chloe hasn't seen Harry in three years.Chloe and her daughter Darcy were living a happy father-free life until Harry comes back.(BTW:before the band one direction)What will Chloe tell Darcy when Darcy asks who's Harry?plz read and leave a comment


11. The Night with Harry

Chloe's POV

After I put darcy in her bed i walked back to the living room and found harry staring at the pictures by the fireplace.~sigh~He turned around and explained the whole thing to me."ok i forgive you"He dove in for a kiss"but that doesnt mean we're together i know you cheated..."

Harry's POV

'How did she find out...I wanted our family back together' "ok"i muttered.she lead me to her bed room and said"i used the spare room as the storage room...you can sleep here i'll go to the couch"

"No why cant you sleep with me?"


I put my suitcase on the ground and started changing"harry you do now theres a bathroom" I gave her a 'I don't think so' smirk as she rolled her eyes.she changed which only left her in her bra and underwear."Its comfortable to me.Eyes up here styles"i nodded and continued to stare at the beautiful body.That definitely turned me on...but she hates me.

Chloe's POV

I crawled into bed when a felt a pair of strong warm arms hug me.closer and closer he came to me"You know that i still love you,Robinson"he kissed my fore head"goodnight chloe"
"Goodnight styles"
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