He's Back Again

Chloe hasn't seen Harry in three years.Chloe and her daughter Darcy were living a happy father-free life until Harry comes back.(BTW:before the band one direction)What will Chloe tell Darcy when Darcy asks who's Harry?plz read and leave a comment


4. The Message

Kathleen POV.
"Darcy,Tara's upstairs playing with her dolls you should go join her"she ran upstairs squealing.she was so cute sometimes.I took Maddy's hand(Chloe's middle name)and lead her to the kitchen where the home phone was."what's wrong kath?"she asked I pressed is message button and it said MESSAGE~HEY IT HARRY PLEASE TELL CHLOE THAT IM VERY SORRY FOR LEAVING WITH NO GOODBYE ILL EXPLAIN IM GOING TO MOVE BACK ILL EXPLAIN WHEN I ARRIVE I HOPE SHE'LL FORGIVE ME BYE KATHY AND SAY HI TO LOUIS FOR ME~*beep beep*after the message ended Maddy just stood their staring I could see in her eyes she was on the brink of creating a huge waterfall"Im going to take a walk for some alone time"she told me"ok,come back soon"I felt bad.it was 10:27 I had to pick up carter from soccer practice at 12:45.~sigh I heard the garage open and I knew Louis was home but I had to tell him too about the message.louis and Harry were best friends but I don't know what happened to them.

Louis POV.
I saw my beautiful wife walk to the car I got out and hugged her."hey Boobabe how's your day?" "It's fine I need to show you something" after she dragged me in the house and showed me the message we sat on the couch and chatted."I knew this day he would come back" "do you even know where he went?" "Yeah back home to his mum because she was in the hospital..." "Oh" "but I know he cheated on Chloe rarely I talk to him but its always a long conversation." "Wait a minute...you knew this whole time?!?" "Yes.." I mumbled."WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL US?!?" "Because Harry doesn't like goodbyes"she sighed "I think I need some alone time too,I going to go to the store" "ok drive safe" I felt guilty ever since he left I always knew every time I saw Chloe the guilt was eating me up alive from the inside.i took a nap before the girls woke me up because they were hungry.

Sorry I write short chapters :( but leave a comment if you have time.And search up one direction!!!
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