He's Back Again

Chloe hasn't seen Harry in three years.Chloe and her daughter Darcy were living a happy father-free life until Harry comes back.(BTW:before the band one direction)What will Chloe tell Darcy when Darcy asks who's Harry?plz read and leave a comment


9. How We Met...

FLASHBACK~how we met
I was 18 and it was a warm Saturday morning.I strolled down the block to the corner bakery near by my house.I was the only one in the old shop,beside the handsome green eyed curly haired fellow behind the registers.I ordered a vanilla cupcake he smiled as I handed him the money and nicely tipped the boy.his blue nametag said'Hi Im Harry'."Vanilla's also my favorite..."he said"What's your name I'm Harry"."I can see I'm Chloe Chloe Robinson"
"Oh I'm Harry Harry styles"He gave me cheeky smile with a side blush.
"Would you like to sit down.we talked about simple thing
Like favorite colors and food,afterwards we exchanged phone numbers."HAROLD YOU
WITH THE CUSTOMERS"a voice shouted from the back room.i assumed that was the boss or
owner.He ran back behind the counter.
A large bald head man came out the door behind the counter to check.i left the shop a few
Minutes later...I walked out of the store as Harry and the man had an argument.I walked down the streets in a pleasant mood and straight to home.It was a nice morning

Sorry I haven't been updating for a few days.My thanksgiving break was over and back to school��.i forgot to tell how they met so yeah..Don't be a silent reader and tell how you feel about the story or movella or writing~Stacey��������
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