He's Back Again

Chloe hasn't seen Harry in three years.Chloe and her daughter Darcy were living a happy father-free life until Harry comes back.(BTW:before the band one direction)What will Chloe tell Darcy when Darcy asks who's Harry?plz read and leave a comment


10. Guy That Ditched Me :(

Chloe's POV

I was about to drive into the driveway.....until I saw him.Harry.Harry frickin'Styles.I was on another verge of breaking down,but this time I'm just going to show him that I don't care.I tried to stay cool like I didn't remember our past it was going to be my goal from now on.and I know that's going to be hard...I got out of the car and opened the back door and carried Darcy."Hey Chloe"he managed to say"Hi"I replied in a rude cold harsh voice."Listen babe I know that it's been awhile be that you kinda think that I ditched you I can explain no details left out!!('except for Cyna' I thought in my head)...and can I also hold Darcy?" I WAS FURIOUS HE DITCHES GONNA EXSPECT ME TO FORGIVE HIM ON PROBABLY THE LOUSIEST EXPLANATION IM ABOUT TO HEAR.AND HE JUST WALTZ BACK AND WANT TO HOLD DARCY.WHAT A SON OF A B***** SUCK A MOTHERF******B***** AHHHHHHH.But I decided I keep my cool on.f*ck.this was going to be real hard

I handed Darcy to Harry.He smiled at her and pulled a strand of her precious brown hair behind her ear.'awww that's so cute the way she sleeps and how he gently holds her WHAT AM I THINKING don't let him get to you Chloe don't let him get to you.dam,I feel so bad for swearing even if I'm not saying it out loud' I walked to the front and unlocked the door Harry grabbed his suitcase and entered."I'll take her back please" I broke the peace and quiet he nodded and handed my darling to me.'wait a minute our house doesn't have a spare room since I used the room for storage and Darcy has her own room that meant.....Harry had I sleep with me' he tossed his suitcase on the couch as I tiptoed to Darcy's room without trying to wake her up.
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