He's Back Again

Chloe hasn't seen Harry in three years.Chloe and her daughter Darcy were living a happy father-free life until Harry comes back.(BTW:before the band one direction)What will Chloe tell Darcy when Darcy asks who's Harry?plz read and leave a comment


7. From Kathy's to Ours

Chloe's POV.
I knocked on the door and Louis answered"hey Chloe"he greeted.I noodled and entered the house I was 50% depressed because of josh."are you going til' dinner?"he asked."oh no thanks"I replied in a cracky voice.i went upstairs to find Darcy and go back home.She was napping on Tara's
princess bed as Tara was watching Adventure Time(I LOVE THAT CARTOON)"Auntie are you ok?"she asked."um um I'm fine I'll be leaving bye"she waved I carried Darcy to our blue car.
It was a long quiet drive home.Tears fell down my face as I passed by the shops.it wasn't a
Drive home more like a stroll around the town.i checked in the back and Darcy seemed drowsy when she opened her eyes.

When we arrived home I was shocked...........
Look who was in our driveway..........

Sorry short paragraphs I'm not really creative and my iPod I slooow,but tell how you think it is so far
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